How to transfer from kg to liters

How to transfer from kg to liters

How often we find out that the invaluable school knowledge which is so strongly forgotten would be useful in real life? How often should we remember solutions of simple tasks? Banal, apparently, question: ""how to transfer kg to liters""? But nevertheless... Let's say you found the interesting recipe. Amounts of necessary ingredients are specified in kilograms. It is a pity that you have no kitchen scales. But there is a measured mug. It was necessary only to transfer kilograms to liters.

It is required to you

  • The table of density of substances with the values which are written down in the SI system.


1. Learn density of mix, a product or substance which volume in liters you want to calculate. For finding of required size use the table of density. Tables of density of substances are provided in physical reference books and school textbooks on physics. Also there are tables of density online. Many tables contain not only data on density of substances, but also data on density of widespread materials, mixes, foodstuff. Use search engines (for example, for search of values of density.

2. Find the volume of mix, a product or substance in cubic meters. For this purpose divide value of weight known to you in kilograms into value of density from the table of density. The value of density in the table has to be given in the SI system. It is the system of measures taken for the standard in modern physics. For this reason in the majority of tables of density of value are provided in kilograms per cubic meter.

3. Calculate the required volume expressed in liters. For this purpose increase the value of volume received at the previous stage, for 1000. When calculating volume of substance of the known weight with use of the value of density expressed in the SI system the value expressed in cubic meters was received. One cubic meter is equivalent to one thousand liters. For this reason the multiplier of 1000 is used for converting of value from cubic meters in liters.

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