How to transfer hundred parts to hectares

How to transfer hundred parts to hectares

The standard unit of measure of the area of personal plots is "hundred part", i.e. hundred square meters. Besides, "hundred part" is a hundredth part of hectare and also one are. Of course, at measurement of the areas also more standard units — square meter and multiple to it unit, square kilometer are applied. But in agriculture these units at measurement of land area meet very seldom.

It is required to you

  • - calculator;
  • - handle;
  • - paper.


1. To translate the area set in hundred parts of hectares (hectare), divide quantity of hundred parts into 100 (it is possible to increase by coefficient 0.01). In the form of a formula it can be written down as follows: Kg = Ks / 100 or Kg = Ks * 0.01gde: Ks – quantity of hundred parts, Kg – the number of hectares.

2. Example: the area of the standard seasonal dacha is 6 hundred parts. Question: to how many hectares does the area of such site equal? Decision: 6 * 0.01 = 0.06 hectares. Answer: the area of the standard seasonal dacha — 0.06 hectares.

3. For transfer of hundred parts to hectares it is possible just to transfer a decimal comma in number of hundred parts to two figures to the left: 234.56-> 2.3456, that is 234.56 hundred parts correspond 2.3456 hectares. If to the left of a decimal comma there are not enough figures, then previously add them with non-significant zero: 2.3456-> 002.3456-> 0.023456. If there is no decimal comma in number of hundred parts at all (i.e. quantity of hundred parts – whole), then add this comma to the right of number, and then you transfer it as it is stated above: 2-> 002,-> 0.02

4. If the number of hectares as a result of converting turns out too small (for example as in the last option), then it is more evident to write down result in square meters.Chtoby to translate value of the area from hectares of square meters, consider that in hectare ten thousand square meters. I.e. the number of hectares will need to be increased by 10000. Then 0.02 hectares from the previous example can be presented as 0.02 * 10000 = 200 m².

5. Not to be mistaken when translating the area from agricultural units in physical and vice versa, use the following ratios: 1 "hundred part" = 1 are = 100 m² = 0.0001 km²; of 100 "hundred parts" = the 100th are = 1 hectares = 10000 m² = 0.01 km².

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