How to transfer kJ to kcal

How to transfer kJ to kcal

On packing of any foodstuff its power value which is measured in calories or joules is specified. Sometimes power value is specified only in joules and to transfer this number to calories, it is necessary to know one simple formula.


1. Measure thermal energy in calories. One calorie is an energy unit which is required for heating of 1 gram of water on 1 degree Celsius. The joule is considered an equivalent of calorie. Joules, as a rule, are used more often in scientific grants. The joule is equal to work which is made when moving a point of application of force equal to 1 newton, of distance of 1 meter in the direction of the operating force.

2. So, for operation of the translation joules in calorie it is necessary to remember that one calorie 4.2 joules (4.18400 J) equal. Respectively, to transfer joules to calories, the number of joules is necessary will divide into 4.2. For example 840 J it is divisible on 4.2 and we receive 200. 840 J = 200 kcal mean. Respectively, to transfer calories to joules, it is necessary to increase number of calories by 4.2.

3. As for kilocalorie, in the theory it in 1000 times more one calorie. 1 kilocalorie is an energy which is spent when heating 1 kg of water for 1 degree Celsius. The power value of a product is specified in kilocalories (kcal), nevertheless kilocalories are called often just calories. Therefore, speaking about calories mean kilocalories. Most happens also to joules.

4. For example, doing sports, you burned 250 kcal. Then you ate fruit which power value of 70 kcal, and cake on which packing 756 J are written. If to transfer everything to the uniform system of measurement, then it will turn out that, doing sports you lost 250 kcal, ate fruit - 70 kcal, and cake - 180 kcal (756 we divide into 4.2 = 180).-250+70+180 = 0. Thus, the eaten food completely was compensated by sports activities therefore it was not reflected in your figure in any way.

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