How to transfer liters to milliliters

How to transfer liters to milliliters

During the work with small volumes such unit of measure of volume as a milliliter (ml) is often used. A milliliter is called the thousand share of liter. That is one liter contains one thousand milliliters. To transfer liters to milliliters even the calculator – enough simplest knowledge of mathematics will not be required.

It is required to you

  • - pencil,
  • - paper.


1. To transfer liters to milliliters, just increase the number of liters by one thousand. That is apply the following simple formula: Kml = C x 1000, gdekml – quantity of milliliters, C – the number of liters. So, for example, one teaspoon contains about 0.005 liters of liquid. Therefore, the teaspoon volume expressed in milliliters will be: 0.005 x 1000 = 5 (ml).

2. If the number of liters – an integer, then for transfer of liters to milliliters just attribute to the number of liters three zero on the right. For example, in one bucket about 10 liters of water find room. Means, the volume of this water in milliliters will be: 10 x 1000 = 10,000 (ml).

3. If the number of liters is set in the form of decimal fraction, then transfer a decimal point to three signs to the right. For example, the kilogram of gasoline occupies volume approximately in 1.316 liters. Therefore, in milliliters of kilograms of gasoline will have the volume of 1316 (ml).

4. If after a comma less than three figures, then add missing figures with zero. So, for example, in one glass 0.2 liters of liquid find room. In milliliters it will be – 200 (ml) (0200 ml formally turn out, but the non-significant zero can be rejected at the left).

5. If all basic data of a task are set in liters, and the result is required to be presented in milliliters, then carry out all intermediate calculations in liters, and transfer to milliliters only after the end of all calculations. For example, if for preparation of paint of the necessary shade 1.325 liters of black paint, 0.237 liters red, 0.587 liters green and 0.54 liters blue were mixed, then for calculation of total amount of paint in milliliters put the specified quantities in liters, and result increase by 1000.1,325 + 0,237 + 0,587 + 0,54 = 2,6892,689 x 1000 = 2689 (ml).

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