How to use a selfie a stick?

How to use a selfie a stick?

At us the tradition was fixed not so long ago - to photograph itself, imprinting not only the special moments, but also usual weekdays. The easiest way to take a selfie - to press the device button at arm's length. However, this method is not so relevant as at it the survey corner is limited a long hand. Today, to make a good photo, use a stick for a selfie. It has some advantages before traditional shooting:

  • allows to do a photo at distance about one and a half meters;
  • eliminates the defects of pictures caused by a shiver in a hand.

This invention called also the monopod is presented in numerous options at the expense of what it can be picked up for any gadget.

That the nobility as the selfie is correct to use a stick, needs to be known about operation of each device separately. The general instructions for use of the monopod directly depend on its model in spite of the fact that all of them have a similar design: on the one side of a stick for convenience of a continence the handle, with opposite - the fixing device in which the smartphone or other gadget is placed is located. Any stick has the telescopic building which allows it to be moved apart at necessary length.

How to use a selfie a stick with a wire?

This type of the monopod provides a linking of a support with the photographing device by means of a wire. This option is convenient in use due to arrangement on the start button handle. This stick does not need charging.

To make the picture, it is necessary to perform the following operations:

  1. To install the smartphone, having attached it in a monopod nest.
  2. To insert the device plug into phone opening intended for earphones.
  3. To turn on the phone camera.
  4. To move apart a support at desirable length.
  5. Guide the video finder at a desirable object or at itself. To make the picture by means of pressing the button.

How to use a selfie a stick without button?

There is also such model which due to inconvenience in the form of lack of the button is public at the expense of lower price. For this purpose, to make the picture by means of the monopod without button, the photographer has to place also phone in a nest, turn on the camera, and also previously install smartphone timer then to move apart a support and to wait when the picture becomes in the automatic mode. It should be noted that it is necessary to handle this device accurately as these sticks have not reliable fastening. In case of careless or wide movements the smartphone can drop out of a nest.

How to use a selfie a stick with the panel?

This monopod is similar in the mechanism with above-mentioned, only it has the separate button for start of the camera. To make the picture, it is necessary to do the following actions: to install a telephone in a nest, to turn on the camera, to move apart a support, to direct the video finder to a necessary object, to press the button on the panel. At all usability, this stick nevertheless has shortcomings: it is easy to lose the panel, and without it this device will become the ordinary monopod demanding preliminary installation of the timer.

How to use a selfie a stick with bluetooth?

By means of the monopod with the built-in bluetooth it is possible just to make quickly and qualitative photos. Its principle of action is not difficult. Before shooting it is important to check that both devices were charged. For this purpose, to take a selfie, it is necessary to execute 4 simple steps:

  1. To include bluetooth on a stick and the smartphone. After the device is found, to connect to it.
  2. To strengthen phone in a stick nest, having moved apart a support at desirable length.
  3. To choose a desirable foreshortening.
  4. To press the button and to receive a qualitative shot.

This device by right is considered one of the best as its only shortcoming - more expensive price, in comparison with above-mentioned devices. With its help it is possible quickly without special abilities to take bright and qualitative selfies.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team