How to use the fire extinguisher?

How to use the fire extinguisher?

The fire extinguisher is the important device helping to cope with ignitions, having prevented fire distribution. It has to be in all public places without fail. Each person is simply obliged to know how it is correct to use the fire extinguisher as this information can save life. Today there are several fire extinguishers which are similar in the principle of use.

The basic rules how to use the ordinary and automobile fire extinguisher

Each type of the device has features of application, but it is possible to mark out several general principles of use which by all means should be considered:

  1. The device should be prepared for work for what it is necessary to break surely a seal and to pull out to the check. To put the fire extinguisher in action, it will be necessary only to press the lever.
  2. It is important to extinguish the fire, standing from outside from where wind blows. It is necessary in order that hazardous substances which are in fire extinguisher contents did not get into airways.
  3. The stream has to be directed to the bases of the surface covered with fire, but not as many think, in a flame. If the vertical surface burns, then suppression should be made, moving from below up.
  4. Surely check whether the flame completely went out, and whether there are no other centers of ignition.
  5. After use of the fire extinguisher surely send it to a recharge.

How to use the foam fire extinguisher?

Such type of the device is intended for suppression of solid materials and substances and also LVZh and GZh. At the same time it cannot be used if metal or substances which burn without air burns. As the foam which is in the fire extinguisher carries out electric energy, they cannot extinguish electric devices. The foam fire extinguisher will be able to extinguish ignitions in territories which area no more than 1 sq.m.

How to use the foam fire extinguisher:

  • turn the handle of the locking device by 180 degrees;
  • turn the fire extinguisher that the bottom was directed up, and a tube – on ignition;
  • press the lever that foam began to be emitted.

It is obligatory to overturn the fire extinguisher as it is necessary for mixing of acid solution with alkali as without it foam will not be formed.

How to use the powder fire extinguisher?

It is the most popular type of devices which can extinguish solid substances, electrical units, solvents, oil products, LZhV and GZh. In the fire extinguisher there are crushed mineral salts and hydrophobic additives. When using the powder fire extinguisher, it is necessary to consider some features. First, it is important to look whether is not present on a hose of excesses. Secondly, pay attention to the label where the ignition class is specified. The best is the device like A V S E. Thirdly, at suppression of electrical units consider that the charge should be given in the portions, observing intervals on 3-5 sec. For use of the powder fire extinguisher the check needs to pull out, to direct a stream to ignitions, and then, to press the lever.

How to use the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

Such type of the device is suitable for any cases, except for metals and substances which burn without air. Inside the fire extinguisher is filled with the liquefied carbon dioxide. As the carbonic fire extinguisher creates the strong cooling effect, it is not suitable for suppression of the equipment with high temperatures. Do not undertake a bell barehanded at all. The way of use of the fire extinguisher differs in nothing from the types considered above. After suppression surely air the room.

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