How to use the scanner?

How to use the scanner?

Today the scanner is a part of the standard equipment for any computer. But only not all users know how to use the scanner.

The scanner is a device which allows to make copies of documents, photos and images of all types in a digital format with the purpose further to use them on the computer without emergence of problems.

Process of scanning of documents which has the name sampling works as well as the photocopier, doing scanning of paper images and converting them into the JPEG, PNG formats, etc. Then documents can be changed with ease by means of any program of editing images.

How it is correct to use the scanner?

Tablet scanners which principle of work consists further enjoy wide popularity: in the scanner the leaf is put and covered – there is a scanning.

Depends on the brand and model of the scanner what needs to be operated. On certain models on the case buttons when pressing which there is a scanning are located. It is also possible to operate the device in ON (it is delivered with the scanner) by means of special icons. The second way consists in work with ON the scanner. As a rule, for control of the scanner there are three icons of management of Start, Scan or Acquire (Start to Scan or Receive). Often such teams settle down in the main program.

Before scanning on the screen the preview window which will allow to make updating of the scanned image will appear, to cut off its unnecessary parts, to choose a format and permission.

What to do if the scanner does not scan?

Almost in all scanners there is a shipping switch which is the lock holding a lamp. It is made in order that when transporting not to damage the mechanism which is responsible for scanning. To operation manuals about it it has to be written on one of the first pages. Just it is necessary to open the lock.

It is worth paying attention to the installed drivers whether correctly they are installed and whether there correspond device models. Often occurs so that drivers go on the device a separate disk.

Scanning does not happen at overflow of a disk on which the folder for storage of files of the scanner is created.

Some people are interested in a question why the scanner scans black. The answer is quite simple: the photoshaft is worn-out, and it needs to be replaced; on the laser printer it happens after several gas stations.

Why the scanner scans not all document?

Most often the problem can disappear in the program of scanning. For the decision it is necessary to perform such operations: The control panel → Scanners and cameras → the Producer of the scanner → the Name of model → Further → Automatic detection of port → to Set a device name in a system. It is ready! That is it is necessary to reinstall the program anew.

How it is correct to scan documents?

To be convinced that the device is connected to the computer and for the scanner there are all necessary drivers. To open a cover of the scanner and to put the necessary document so that the party which needs to be scanned was directed by face down. To press an icon which starts scanning process and to wait so far this operation will be completed.

Some scanners can be operated by means of special programs. The utility is started and the Scan button is pressed. After process comes to the end, in the automatic mode the folder where the scanned document was kept will be open. It is necessary to understand the instruction which helps ignorant how to use the scanner, to try and everything surely will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team