How to use the snapchat?

How to use the snapchat?

Snapchat is the application for Android and iPhone which gives the chance to exchange amusing videos and a photo with friends. The snapchat is unique the fact that these messages are removed within several seconds after receiving. Of course, it is interesting to much to know how to use the snapchat, it brings in communication some highlight, and better to say a twinkle or a durachinka.


First of all the application needs to be downloaded and installed on the smartphone. After to register the account, having entered the e-mail address, date of birth and having thought up the password. If necessary it is possible to confirm the phone number through SMS, but it is optional. Further it will be necessary to prove that operations are performed by the person, but not the robot and it is possible to start direct creations of a photo or short video. For receiving a photo on the screen it is necessary to press the round button, and for obtaining video – to press and hold it. Having pressed an average icon, it is possible to add snap to the history and to provide it for viewing to all the subscribers.

At discretion it is possible to reduce time of display of the photo which by default is 10 seconds. For this purpose it is necessary to press the stop watch button located below at the left and having scrolled, to choose the necessary value. Pressing the round button it is possible to send snap to someone from friends personally on the right. In any menu it is possible to return and make a new photo, to see history or a chat. For all these actions there are corresponding buttons.

How to use effects in the snapchat?

This application gives the chance to impose various filters and effects which will allow to change the picture, to decorate it, to make any inscription, etc. Those who is interested how to use filters in the snapchat are recommended to brush away the screen to the right and to choose one of the offered options:

  • normal option of reproduction or back to front;
  • to accelerate or slow down reproduction speed;
  • to impose lenses;
  • to make multi-colored inscriptions;
  • to show time, temperature and many other things.

Those who asks how to use lenses in the snapchat can give advice to leave in the main menu and to choose the camera for a selfie. To press the appeared image of the person a finger and to hold until the grid is shown and the panel of photoeffects will not open. A huge number of lenses will be presented by small smilies in the lower part of the screen. That to whom it is interesting how to use these lenses in the application the snapchat just should be moved on the screen of fingers to the left-to the right and to test everyone. Some of them possess additional teams, for example, to raise eyebrows or to open a mouth. As soon as the movement is distinguished by the program, one of additional animation effects is activated.

The interested, how to use other effects of the snapchat, it is possible to try to ornament the picture, having pressed an icon pencil in the right top corner. The built-in palette allows to choose right color. And for a photo it is possible to make an inscription, having pressed letter T with a bilateral arrow under it. It allows to change situation and the size of the text, and having hooked on it a finger, it is possible to drag an inscription to any suitable place. If it is necessary that the inscription was located obliquely, it is necessary to touch the screen that the keyboard disappeared, and then to touch an inscription with two fingers and to twist it. Shifting and moving apart fingers, it is possible to reduce or increase the inscription size.

It is necessary to tell that not all functions are available on the Android phones, besides the list of effects constantly changes and if today the desirable is unavailable, it can appear in several days. Not pleasant snap it is possible to remove and try to make new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team