How to use twitter?

How to use twitter?

Twitter is the unique online system of maintaining tweets.

Tweet - a micropost with limited number of symbols (to 140).

You can place advertizing of your company and every day report to users of twitter about what at you occurs. You can communicate with friends, ask questions to political figures, read about what is done now by show business stars. Generally, if you learn how to use twitter, you will be aware every day of all things and events, interesting to you.

How to begin to use twitter?

Not so long ago twitter became Russified and now you cannot be registered and begin to derive pleasure from use of twitter.

The most interesting that in the course of registration on twitter you will understand how to use it.

So, registration:

  • Follow the link Before you the registration window into which you will enter the data - an e-mail, a surname and a name, the login (pseudonym) and the password will open.
  • After data input it will be offered to you to choose 5 famous people whose tweets you would like to read, 5 categories (for example, you choose humour and already in this category you choose whom would like to read) and 5 contacts of your friends and acquaintances. If you cannot find none of friends so far - choose the famous figures.
  • The letter of confirmation will come to your e-mail which you specified in a registration window. Open this letter and follow the link.
  • Voila! We congratulate, you are registered! You are on the homepage of twitter how to begin to use this system, you already understood. The main thing to choose, than you will be engaged here, that or whom to read.

In the left top corner of the page your profile will be displayed: a name and a surname, quantity of your tweets, quantity of the tweets read by you and the number of your readers (i.e. followers, from the English word follower). If you press them, you will see the detailed list of these tweets and readers. For change of a profile just press yours a name and a surname, before you the viewport will open, in the right top corner - to change a profile, keep changes you pass to the homepage. Under your profile you will see a window of input of your tweets. You can write that it is your first tweet. Accept congratulations from friends!

If use of twitter is necessary for you for advertizing promotion, to you will be to enter only the name and a surname insufficiently. Specify also a subject of advertizing and the website (at change of a profile), and only after that write tweets. The people interested in your product will look for the name of a product, but not your data.

What to be engaged on twitter after registration in?

Congenial subjects and people on your page are the recommendations of a system that it would be interesting to you to esteem.

It is useful to see hot topics to be aware of world events.

It is possible not only to look through the list of the tweets interesting you displayed in the right column, but also to answer them, to add to itself to the favourites and to add the pleasant similar tweet from itself - to Retweet.

Except the homepage, you will see two more tabs of twitter: @ in touch - all interactions with you are displayed here. For example, you somebody mentioned in a tweet or you began to read, and # it is aware - here you can find the topics interesting you, famous people and new friends.

Also do not worry, it only at first will seem to you unclear how to use twitter or use of twitter will seem even senseless. The main thing, begin to write and to read others, and you very quickly will understand that you not for nothing found information on how to use twitter.

Pleasant communication!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team