How to use WhatsApp?

How to use WhatsApp?

Today it is developed many various applications allowing people to communicate with each other. For this purpose it is necessary to have Internet connection and also the loaded application. We suggest to understand how to use the WhatsApp application as the number of the people wishing to join it constantly grows. This application can be loaded on the computer, the laptop and the tablet.

How to use WhatsApp on phone and the tablet?

Start the loaded application on the gadget and, following instructions, start the account which will be connected with the phone number. That it was simple to use WhatsApp, carry out synchronization of the program with the list of the available contacts.

If desired it is possible to change the status, for this purpose it is necessary to find the Status button in the bottom of the panel and to click on it. In the top right corner you will see the + badge when pressing which it will be possible to add the new status. It is possible to change the current status, having pressed the corresponding digging or to choose one of the last statuses.

Finding out how to use WhatsApp on ipad or phone, it is worth understanding process of addition of contacts. In the center of the panel choose the Contacts tab, then find the person and press the Invite in WhatsApp button, as a result he will receive the message with the invitation in the program. To send the e-mail with the invitation, it is necessary to come into settings and to choose there To tell the friend.

In a subject – how to use WhatsApp on the tablet and phone, it is impossible to miss such important point as start of a chat. Click the Chats button, and then, on a badge of a pencil which is located in the right corner. Choose contact to which you wish to communicate that will transfer to a window of a new chat where it is possible to begin to write messages. When pressing a badge of an arrow it is possible to send to other user a contact information, the photo or video. In a chat window under a name of the interlocutor, it is possible to see whether there is it in network or there time when it was online last time will be specified. It is possible to write messages at once to several users for what owners of iPhone have to click on the New Group button, and to press others menus/options and already there to choose the New Group tab. Add recipients and also gather a name for a chat and if desired establish the picture.

To make changes in settings, press the corresponding button. If you want to change a name or the picture of a profile, then press the Profile tab. Having chosen the Settings of a Chat button, it is possible to make changes to the font size, wall-paper and also to adjust messages and loadings. If the user wants to block any person, then in Settings of a chat it is necessary to press the Block button.

How to use WhatsApp on the computer?

The mode of work with the program is directly connected with a type of installation. In case the user starts the program via the browser, then all contacts, chats and other important information will be automatically synchronized. After start of the browser, just it is necessary to come on web service and to begin to write messages to others by users.

If for any reasons to start the program via the browser it did not turn out, then it is necessary to use the emulator. In that case the instruction which concerns how to use WhatsApp will be another. Contacts should be added manually for what at first come into the Contacts menu which is located in the right top corner. Press the Options tab and select the Contacts item. After that press on To add contact and keep data of the person who needs to be added. For end press Is ready. Then it is possible to pass to dialogue.

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