How to wash hands?

How to wash hands?

We continually should work with products or things from which on hands there are traces. There are those who got used to work in gloves, but it seems to much that it is inconvenient. And before them often there is a question how to wash hands from various pollution.

How to wash hands from berries?

If the person picked berries, washed or cooked them, then on fingers there could be violet spots. Same remain also after work with beet. They are washed very badly and sometimes several days – hands look not esthetically. Therefore the question interests many, than to wash hands after bilberry, beet or a chernoplodka.

The reason of violet spots – dyes anthocyans which contain in some berries and vegetables. That to wash away them, acidic environment whereas soap, on the contrary, creates alkaline is necessary. So it is necessary to wipe fingers with a lemon segment. It is possible not to translate a product, and to wash up hands solution of citric acid or vinegar (not essence!).

There are also other similar ways how to wash hands from berries: to wipe with a sorrel, potato or a tomato tops of vegetable (carefully, it is poisonous!), grass of a wood louse and other. The main thing that environment was acidic.

If it for some reason is impossible, it is possible to use laundry detergent: to wash something. It is possible to rub fingers pumice. By the way, helps also from the spots remaining on fingers after mushrooms. This quite effective means.

How to wash hands from walnuts?

It is much more difficult to think up how to wash hands from nut. The one who cleaned green walnuts (we will tell, for jam), knows that after that on fingers there are actually indelible spots. At first they are not really noticeable, but in several hours appear brown, and with them will make nothing.

The reason of spots – substance yuglon, used in production of hair-dyes, very resistant. It is impossible to wash away it. It is possible to try to bleach a little a lemon, but spots completely will not descend. It is necessary to wait when the top painted layer of skin is replaced with new, clean. This process can be accelerated, daily steaming out fingers in a warm bath and cleaning off then the top layer with pollution by means of a peeling or a srub.

How to wash potassium permanganate from hands?

Usually and in this case something sour helps: lemon, citric acid, weak solution of vinegar. It is possible to try to wipe hands with an ammoniac spiritist. But it is careful not to injure skin.

Iodine and brilliant green will quicker disappear if to spread fingers with cream, and in an hour to wash with soap. It is possible to use alcohol or a srub.

Than to wash sealant from hands?

Generally, if it is inconvenient to clean bilberry in gloves, and processing a wound potassium permanganate solution, and you do not remember gloves, then sealant should use after all in them. But if so left, then at once it is accurately necessary to remove it with a napkin (by the way, on sale there are special napkins to impregnation for this purpose), and already grabbed rest – alcohol, acetone or means for varnish removal.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team