How to watch stars

Observations of stars will help you to see, how beautifully night sky. And it is possible, it will be the first step in studying one of the most ancient sciences – astronomies. However if you decided to be engaged in it for the first time, then you will need several councils.


1. Decide on what celestial bodies (constellations, planets, comets) you want to see. For this purpose take in library the book on astronomy (better with color photos) and get acquainted with the brightest and interesting celestial bodies.

2. Put on as it is possible more warmly: even summer nights can be quite cool. Choose the dry place covered from wind for observations.

3. At observations it is necessary to keep records. Therefore arm with a source of soft light, hours, the magazine for record and the handle, and it is better – a pencil. Maintain all made records, regularly write down date and time of observations. Do sketches of the objects which drew your attention. Take care volume that all necessary tools were near at hand. For this purpose it is possible to adapt a usual garden table.

4. You make observations in dark places. For example, take cover behind the building wall creating a shadow, at an opportunity go out of town.

5. Before an exit to the street eat a piece of refined sugar or a teaspoon of granulated sugar. It will help your eyes to adapt to darkness quicker. But consider that full adaptation takes not less than thirty minutes. Not to break adaptation of eyes for conducting records or examining of celestial maps, at observations use weak red lighting. For example, cover a small lamp or a lamp with red paper or fabric.

6. If you observe by means of the telescope, overcome desire to blink or screw up an unused eye as it will only strengthen tension and fatigue both of them. If it is too difficult, then put on him a bandage.

7. Begin with observation of the most noticeable objects: surfaces of the Moon, the largest constellations. Then pass to separate bright stars, large planets, comets, asteroids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team