How to write a response

How to write a response

Response represents the analysis, judgment and also assessment of any art or scientific work, article, a subject or product. It is not dependent on on what subject you write a response, at it there have to be basic provisions characterizing your relation to an object.


1. The most widespread is a response on the literary work or the book in general. The first that it is necessary to specify in a response, it the information about the author and the book. Briefly describe a course of life of the writer, year when the book, prerequisites of its creation was created. Specify the title of the book, its sense and also that the author wanted to tell this work.

2. Further describe the impression concerning read what you expected in the beginning whether your expectations when reading were met, whether the ending was pleasant to you. But at the same time it is not necessary to paint plot details, future reader has to have an interest in reading of the book. Therefore do not open all secrets and intrigues, describe only your relation on the course of reading the book.

3. It is possible to describe briefly the scene of action and the main characters. But besides, write about them from your point of view, a response essence in your personal perception of the read book and in your personal relation to the events. Perhaps, at someone the opinion will coincide with yours, and at someone is not present.

4. Besides, that future reader had a complete idea of the book, it is important to write about language and style of the text, relevance of a subject, the author's plan.

5. After that it is necessary to specify your opinion in general. Tell, it was pleasant or you did not like the book that you think of it whether your opinion coincides with opinion of the author as reading of the book influenced you whether left a mark in your soul. Specify, you recommend or not you the book to readers, give an assessment to the work. And also write, you would like to read it once again and whether you will begin to read other works by this author.

6. Besides, try to estimate in what situation and with what mood it is better to read this work.

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