How to write work on research activity

How to write work on research activity

The research ability which results are required to be issued according to the existing standards begins at school. Even if you chose the specialty which is not assuming similar activity during training you should write such works in institute.


1. Actually, writing of work on research activity begins long before you begin to make out it in writing. At first choose objective area, an object or a subject of your scientific and research interest. Then choose and formulate a work subject, a problem to which solution it will be devoted. The subject has to have novelty and relevance. To define it, study as much as possible publications on this subject, especially those which appeared in the last several years. Formulate the purposes and problems of the research.

2. Make the working plan and, following it, correcting it as required, conduct a research on this subject. Carefully and in detail fix all results which it will be possible to get in an experimental part of a job.

3. Competent registration of work on research activity – its most important stage. Use GOST 7.32-2001 "The report on research work" at its registration. Issue the title page with the name of educational institution, a subject of a research and a surname of the performer. On the second leaf write the table of contents. Number all pages of the scientific work.

4. In introduction formulate a research subject, prove relevance of work on it, specify a problem, an object or a subject which you investigated. List the used methods, structure and investigation phases, give an assessment to its practical importance.

5. The main part of work may contain several chapters. In the first analyze the current state of this problem or object of a research on the basis of the analysis of publications and theoretically prove a work subject. In the following chapters describe the theory of the used technique of a research and provide the description of the made experiments with their results. In the final chapter of the main part analyze the received results, give an assessment them practical and if is, to the economic importance. Finish each chapter with conclusions.

6. In the conclusion formulate a total conclusion by results of the work and offer practical recommendations about their use. Note as far as you managed to achieve goals, and designate ways and prospects of a further research of a problem. Finish registration of work as the list of the used literature.

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