How with quickly to kill a headache without drugs?

How with quickly to kill a headache without drugs?

It seems, most of us already found a certain way how quickly to get rid of a headache: threw a tabletochka into a mouth, washed down it with water and – it is ready! Will pass minutes 15-20, and pain will recede. It so whether here only from it we will become really healthier, thinks we of it less frequently, is once!

How to get rid of a headache without drugs?

Such ways really are, and with some of them we have an opportunity to get acquainted. But before it is necessary to find out the cause of the arising headache.

There is a lot of its sources and reasons also among them:

  • elementary overfatigue or long stay in the stuffy badly aired room;
  • the nerve strain which arose as a consequence of a stress, heavy physical activities or psychological injuries;
  • as one of symptoms of a catarrhal or serious infectious disease;
  • consequence of unlimited alcohol intake or smoking;
  • systematic sleep debt;
  • as one of factors of medicinal poisoning;
  • as consequences thermal or sunstroke.

Though we also got used to ask at a headache for the help tablets, there is great variety of ways how to kill a headache without drugs quickly.

Let's begin with elementary: to be distracted from works and to go out of doors. If there is no such opportunity, at least open a window and let in a current of air.

Well the wooden hairbrush or a crest which need to comb hair throughout two-three minutes helps, touching its teeths of head skin.

Soft massage of temples within 3-4 minutes will kill a slight headache.

How to remove a headache without drugs?

  1. Cabbage helped with it: removed one of juicy sheets from a white cabbage and put to temples, and even covered on the head and so could that goes that time, a time the leaf did not lose the freshness and elasticity. By the way, escaped also from solar and heatstrokes.
  2. Easy compresses on whisky ice pieces, however, with them can appear effective it is necessary to be careful that who has a hypertension – sharp change of temperature can lead to an angiospasm, and instead of the help such compress will do even more harm.

Ways how to kill a headache without drugs, are known also to different people of the world. At the same time they can differ in the exoticism in different judgments in efficiency estimates. So, in Syria suggested to look long at themselves in a mirror, thereby transmitting pain to the reflection. And of Pakistan were sure. That will be able to get rid of a headache if wind the head with a rope on which the criminal was hung up. Practice of treatment of a headache is known for plots and spells.

We have more habitual and clear ways especially as headache medicine without side effects always near us: it is tea with a marjoram. It is not difficult to find a grass: it can be bought in any drugstore, and tea from a marjoram will be pleasant and useful. For this purpose we will take 1 tablespoon of a dry grass, we will fill in it with 2 glasses of boiled water and we will allow to infuse within 30 minutes, having wrapped up in a towel. In half an hour, tea is ready. It is necessary to filter and drink it on a half-glass three times a day or to add infusion to boiled water. Drink if you add 1 teaspoon of honey will become even more effective. Such tea will be useful to all, except for, of course, individual intolerance.

Juice of a black-fruited mountain ash, however, is rather effective for removal of a headache it will not give instant effect, and here if daily to accept it on 50 g, then it not only will save you from headaches, but also will provide a quiet dream during the whole night.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team