In space by plane

In space by plane

In 1958, after start of the first Russian space satellite, the American government founded the agency of the advanced defense research projects - for short DARPA.

This agency submits directly to the Ministry of Defence and serves for development and deployment of new technologies in military industrial complex of the USA. It also monitors the newest developments of other countries and works for advancing in all areas of military equipment and space technologies.

At the moment the agency works on a problem of cheap start of satellites on Earth orbit. The special ALASA program was for this purpose developed. The essence of this program is as follows – the small rocket is established on the regular jet plane. After raising of a rocket on height about 30000 meters, she shoots back the aircraft fuselage and begins independent flight. Everything occurs in the automatic mode. The advantage of this rocket is that it does not need launch pads, and it can be started from every spot on the globe. Besides the cost of one start will not exceed 1 million dollars.

Also there is a development of fuel of a new type for this rocket. It will contain at the same time both fuel and oxidizer. Though in practice it is quite difficult to carry out it, but the probability of emergence of fuel of this type is present. A lack of ALASA are small dimensions of the satellites removed by it, because of the small power of the rocket.

However at successful implementation of this ALASA program can press Roskosmos and select a part of the European orders. The test test of a rocket will pass in 2015, and in 2016 also the first orbital flight will take place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team