In what advantage of zinc as microcell

In what advantage of zinc as microcell

According to contents and value for a human body zinc ranks second after iron. As well as at the use of any microcell, in use of zinc it is important not to cross the fine line turning advantage to the detriment.


1. The daily dose of consumption of zinc for the adult makes 5-20 mg. Zinc participates in processes of renewal of cells of skin. Taking part in formation of collagen, it increases elasticity and prevents early appearance of wrinkles. Zinc reduces symptoms of an allergy. Regulating an oily secretion, zinc reduces acne rash and inflammations, heals microcracks and herpetic damages of skin.

2. Zinc participates in synthesis of proteins and regulates growth of hair and nails. Prevents their fragility and dryness. This microcell helps an organism to cope with a nerve strain and loadings. At enough zinc symptoms of PMS practically vanish in an organism at women and production of hormone of serotonin is stimulated. Acting as DNA synthesis process stimulator, zinc participates in construction of new body tissues and cell renewal.

3. This microcell helps work of the immune system, increases protective forces of an organism and promotes destruction of viruses and bacteria. It can be used and come to an organism as outwardly in the form of ointments and powders, and with consumption of the food rich with this microcell. Zinc influences a condition of digestive tract and kidneys. Reducing inflammatory processes in these bodies.

4. Zinc improves work of a brain, stimulating the departments which are responsible for memory and attention. Increases the general intellectual working capacity. Level of maintenance of this microcell at active, cheerful and successful people is much higher, than at lagging behind. In combination with vitamin A, zinc strengthens an eye retina, improving sight and increasing the resilience to big loadings.

5. A large amount of zinc is used for formation of sperm in a male body. Consumption of the food rich with zinc will help to be saved from inflammations and tumors of a prostate. It is most useful to use zinc in combination with vitamin A, it allows it easier to reach cages, strengthening them and stimulating work.

6. In case of a surplus in a zinc organism, work of the immune system is broken. It begins to function discordantly. A lethal dose are 6 g of this metal. Symptoms of intoxication are nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness. It is not recommended to drink the water which was long standing in galvanized ware. Inhalation of the dust received from this metal can lead to diseases of lungs. Usual metal zinc does not bear health hazard of the person, his harm is shown at contact with its various connections.

7. Pumpkin sunflower seeds, calf's liver, cereals, nuts, strawberry, oysters, green vegetables and herbs are richest with zinc. The use of these products is capable to fill completely the standard daily rate demanded for an organism.

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