In what products vitamin A?

In what products vitamin A?

Vitamin A which other name Retinolum, belongs to group of fat-soluble substances. It means that its assimilation by an organism will require lipids, proteins and mineral components. It is not obligatory for person to use every day the products rich with the content of this vitamin. The fact is that its surplus is capable to be postponed in a liver at the expense of what some time it is possible to do without Retinolum without prejudice to health. However it is important that the organism had enough vitamin A and it had no its deficiency. Shortage will become the cause of the following illnesses:

  • the metabolism violation leading to obesity;
  • failures of synthesis of protein;
  • diseases of bone tissues;
  • obesity;
  • decrease in vigilance.

Retinolum is very important for maintenance of good immunity. He actively participates in origin of new cages of an organism. This component is also important also for eyes. He is responsible for a condition of a retina and visual function.

Retinolum has complex impact on an organism. Therefore any person has to have knowledge in what products his contents as much as possible and in what - it is practically absent. Vitamin A contains both in vegetable, and in animal products. It is necessary to consider that most of them it is necessary to use fresh as Retinolum is afraid of high temperatures. At all types of heat treatments its quantity in a product can be reduced approximately by thirty percent.

Where does vitamin A and in what products contain?

It is expedient to fill the daily need of an organism for vitamin A not by means of pharmaceutical polyvitaminic complexes, and by means of inclusion in the menu of the food enriched with it. Will be able daily to use them everyone as they not only tasty, but also available in the price plan.

Retinolum is in products, both animal, and vegetable. It should be noted that in the first there is pure Retinolum. It is acquired by an organism at once entirely that can lead subsequently to problems with health. And vegetable products contain Retinolum pro-vitamins which at surplus can collect in an organism, and in case of the shortage of vitamin A are transformed to it. Therefore, consumption of vegetables, fruit and greens - is more useful and safer. But also animals it is also necessary to include in the menu as food has to be balanced.

The high content of vitamin A is in the following food:

  • cod-liver oil;
  • caviar;
  • beef, pork and fish liver;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products, such as cottage cheese, cream, kefir, sour cream;
  • cheese, butter.

These are animal products which list begins with the leader in Retinolum content, and further goes for reduction. These products often happen on our table. The balanced diet will allow to receive enough Retinolum. In this case reception of additional intake of this substance sold in drugstore will not be required.

Speaking about in what vegetable products there is a vitamin A, the fruit and vegetables having orange, yellow, or red color are considered as its source. These are carrots, sweet paprika, oranges, apples, persimmon, peaches and others. Apples and herbs are rich with its contents: mountain ash, sea-buckthorn, guelder-rose, lettuce leaves, fennel and parsley.

What else food contain vitamin A?

Let's give five products of plant origin in which there is the maximum concentration of vitamin A:

  • broccoli;
  • pumpkin;
  • carrots;
  • dandelion and fruits of a hawthorn;
  • ramson.

The products enriched with beta carotene can fill also daily need for Retinolum. Reactions of oxidation are resulted by transformation of this substance to vitamin A.

Finally, we will talk about in what products of vitamin A contains least of all. It is grain, grain products, skim milk and meat of beef.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team