In what weather it is better to catch fish?

In what weather it is better to catch fish?

The catch quite often depends not only on a bait, a reservoir and tackles, but also on season and weather conditions. Many fishers do not even know that from knowledge of that in what weather it is better to catch fish depends and whether it is possible to catch a large individual and how often will peck. Such information will help to come back home with a rich catch therefore it is necessary to watch a weather forecast before fishing and to collect the correct tackles.

Whether it is possible to catch fish in cloudy weather?

Even in the summer often happens so that the sky is tightened by clouds, and it is not clear whether it is worth going to fishing, the rain can go. But, if the person wants to hook really large fish, the trip needs to be planned for such day.

Predatory breeds of fishes, for example a pike, peck mainly in such rainy and windy weather. The main thing, the nobility how to catch fish in bad weather and is correct to pick up tackles. The yellow spinner and a spinning will be necessary. On them the pike most often pecks. Also it is worth taking care of waterproof and warm clothes. The pike can long go around a bait and therefore in the boat or ashore it is possible to stay long time. It is better to rise not in thickets of a cane or a grass near the coast, and on the middle of the lake or in a channel, predatory fishes exactly there hunt.

Also during such time it is possible to catch a carp or a sazan. They also prefer rainy weather.

How to catch fish in hot weather?

If day was warm and solar, you should not count on a large catch. In hot weather seldom pecks, but correctly picked up tackles will help to catch perches or small fry.

These breeds of fishes are pecked more at dawn or in the evening when the sun is not so active. Therefore it is worth going to fishing in these hours. As a bait it is possible to use a crank. Both the perch, and small fry very love it.

In what weather to catch fish in the winter?

During the winter period the fishing can bring not less pleasure, than in the summer or in the fall. And the catch, most likely, will not upset. For winter fishing it is worth choosing clear and frosty day. In such weather fish peck most actively.

The blizzard or heavy snowfall opposite say that you should not wait for a great take. At this time fish leaves on a bottom therefore most often fishers come back with several okunka.

And, of course, it is not necessary to come to ice during thaw, even the largest fish does not cost such risk. At this time dangerous ice-holes in which it is easily possible to fail are formed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team