Independent way of thinking

Independent way of thinking

The gray everyday life habitual to a thought which long ago became quotes and prose of daily occurrence – how to get rid of boredom, living in the modern world? Practically all who do not wish to live the bothered standards long ago ask this question. Above all today creativity is appreciated. And it meets practically in all spheres of human life. If you have unusual ideas – you will be estimated by both the administration and friends, and even unfamiliar people. But what to do if your thinking does not differ in eccentricity? With it you will be helped by development of independent way of thinking.

How to develop it?

The main problem of modern people is banality and commonality of conclusions. All of us passed through comprehensive school and a cool and fixed education system which, by the way, became outdated about 45 years ago. As a result society acquired stereotypes, ready templates of decision-making and exits from various situations. Meanwhile fast and independent way of thinking – the best exit from all difficult life situations. Modern masters of business and authors of best-sellers about success amicably go on about importance of withdrawal from stereotypes for the sake of the birth of the brilliant and exclusive idea. Process of the birth in itself eccentricity is quite difficult, but the earlier it will happen, the quicker you will find independent way of thinking.

So, with what to begin? The first of what it is necessary to get rid is banality of outlook. We since the childhood get used that a grass green, and the sky blue. In other words, standard decisions do us by boring people whose actions and thoughts can be foreseen. If you want to be always the interesting interlocutor, you need to learn to look for original decisions in simple situations. It is possible to make it by means of full-time employment over himself.

Exercises on development of independent way of thinking

It is non-standard to think of the easiest way to open in itself abilities - it is children's textbooks on entertaining mathematics with logical problems and puzzles. As the majority of ways of thinking are put in our head since the childhood, the best option will be to return to the childhood again and to fill all missing gaps. Besides, you can try the following options of development of independent way of thinking:

  • develop efficiency of your thinking. Imagine any well familiar a subject of your interior. For example, at you old skates lie in the storeroom. Think up at least 5 ways of their application besides direct purpose. On the decision about 5 minutes are allotted. It is the best of all to carry out this exercise in group since it to increase efficiency of thinking due to bigger quantity of options;
  • work with the associations. A game on search of the general signs at couple of objects can become an example of such activity. Present what the doll and snow can have the general, a box and a log, or linoleum and a floorcloth;
  • problems on independent way of thinking can be also fine exercise. For example:
  1. The three-digit number consists of the figures increasing (from left to right). If to read this number, then all words will begin on the same letter. What the number is?
  2. The person jumps from a chair. He holds scales on which cup the cargo of 10 kg lies in hand. On what division will the arrow of scales stand during falling?
  3. On a smooth board put 2 bricks — one flatwise, and another on an edge. Bricks weigh equally. What brick will slide off the first if to incline a board?
  4. All of us repeatedly heard murmur of a stream. How you consider why it murmurs?

Solutions of such riddles can be a little. In it there is also the main purpose of each task on development of independent way of thinking. The more solutions you will think up during exercise, the it will be easier for you to solve vital problems.

You can construct the similar equipment and. For example, present that at you the bulb fused. What do you replace it with that in the room became light? Think up around 10 options, really suitable for this purpose, and you will see that from any situation there is a set of decisions.

Independent way of thinking is, first of all, an ability to see the hidden potential in the familiar phenomena and objects of surrounding life. The more you will develop in yourself this skill, the your life will become simpler and more interesting.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team