Jirosjigatel Lippo 6

Jirosjigatel Lippo 6

Today one of very demanded types of sports food are zhiroszhigatel. It is necessary to distinguish popular means from the American producer Nutrex from them – Lippo 6 (Lipo 6x). From all known options many trainers prefer to recommend it – it is universal, is suitable for people of any gender, is effective when drying and at usual weight loss.

Jirosjigatel Lippo 6 and his features

The main feature of structure is association of components with different time of activity. Thanks to it medicine influences a long time and is the only two-phase zhiroszhigatel.

The first phase is time directly after intake of medicine. Only several minutes later after reception of people feels unknown inflow of forces thanks to which it is possible to make any training of more effective. At the same time exchange processes and works of a thyroid gland amplify thanks to what active zhiroszhigatelny process is started.

The second phase is time, in the next 24 hours after reception. During this period the bolyusa placed in liquid which give the slowed-down, long effect allowing to prolong medicine influence are split.

Recommend to take the drug with gradual building of a dosage. To solve what option of reception of Lippo 6 is more effective for you, will help the trainer.

Lippo's list 6

The Linden 6 represents capsules with liquid which in the dissolved look contains the mass of the important substances promoting the accelerated splitting of fat deposits. Currently there are two types of release: banks on 120 and on 240 capsules (on one and on two courses respectively).

Lippo 6 both is suitable for women, and for men. (That is a standard dose for single reception) 200 mg of caffeine, 3 mg of a yokhimbin and 20 mg of a sinefrin are the share of each 2 capsules. These substances possess active impact on a human body:

  • caffeine – the substance strengthening a metabolism, invigorating and having ability to accelerate splitting of fats;
  • sinefrin helps to split more effectively fats and to process them into energy thanks to what preservation of muscle bulk at transformation is reached fat; replaces the effective, but forbidden ephedrine;
  • yokhimbin – stimulates process of release of fat cages, strengthens heartbeat and exchange processes.

Besides, are a part gordenin, synthetic gugulsterona, tyramine, Acacia Rigidula of 95%, olein/linoleic (including conjugated) acids, Phase No. 1 (system of fast delivery), feniletilamin, R - beta metilfeniletilamin, N-methyl-B-feniletilamin.

Side effects linden 6

Speaking about side effects of medicine of Lippo 6, It should be noted that medicine is based on vegetable components and it is considered safe, but nevertheless it is recommended for the use only to healthy people 21 years are more senior. Intake of medicine at individual intolerance of components is forbidden.

Lipo-6 can become the reason of such side effects:

  • fluctuations of arterial blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • dizziness;
  • moderate and severe headaches;
  • excessive excitement;
  • the increased uneasiness;
  • heartburn and nausea;
  • digestion violations;
  • the complicated breath.

The athletes accepting Lippo 6 note efficiency of medicine at its low cost, however side effects are shown in most cases. It is necessary to take the drug on 2 capsules 2-3 times a day, and after a full course it is necessary to make, at least, one month of a break.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team