Joint pain - the reasons

Each person can face such problem as unpleasant feelings in joints. Of course, the set of various factors can cause similar troubles. But, after all, before panicking, let's understand, the reasons of appearance of pain in joints and also with what should be done in such situation.

Reasons of appearance of pain in bones and joints

Can be major factors which can provoke emergence of similar feelings:

  1. Various diseases, for example, arthritis, gout, spondiloartrit, pseudo-gout, a disease of Reuters. Immune violations can also cause similar feelings.
  2. The wrong technology of performance of sports exercises can provoke appearance of pain in joints after the training.

As you see, to define independently what reason caused appearance of pain, will not turn out. It is necessary to visit the expert who will precisely define what should be done in this situation and how to treat an illness or a trauma.

It is not necessary to delay a visit to the doctor even if the person is sure that unpleasant feelings are connected with sports activities. The fact is that some exercises just cannot be carried out with certain diseases or "congenital features" of the person. Not always we can independently define that it is necessary to do of trainings and that cannot be carried out at all. Consultation of the expert will help to make the plan of sports occupations correctly.

What doctor to see at joint pain?

For a start it is necessary to register in reception to the therapist. He will write out the direction on primary inspection. Usually, it is necessary to make the general blood test, to pass a radiological research.

On the basis of results of inspection the therapist or itself will appoint treatment, or will send for reception to the surgeon, the traumatologist, the orthopedist, an artrolog or the rheumatologist.

Also it is necessary to understand that, perhaps, it is also necessary to undergo additional inspections, for example, on the tomograph. But need of these actions is defined by the expert.

Reasons of appearance of pain in muscles and joints

As it was already told above, most often similar feelings can arise or at certain diseases, or at inadequately chosen sports loading. Therefore the first that should be made, it to visit those experts who were already mentioned earlier. If no illnesses are revealed, then it is necessary to reconsider the way of life.

As a rule, most of people feel joint and muscles pain or because of too intensive sports activities, or because of a lack of physical activity or "sedentary pastime". Therefore, let's talk about what to do at joint and muscles pain in either case.

If the person plays sports, then it should lower, first, load of the musculoskeletal device when performing occupations. It is necessary to refuse jogs, jumps and to pass to sports walking. Also it is necessary to remove from the plan of trainings of squat with burdening, moves hands with dumbbells and to reduce the number of push-ups from a floor to 2-4 approaches till 15-20 of repetitions for one occupation. Secondly, it is just necessary to enter into the plan of a training warm-up at the beginning, it will help to warm muscles, and an extension at the end. Implementation of these simple rules will help to avoid injuries and will reduce risk of appearance of pain.

If the person, on the contrary, leads a sedentary life, then it should begin, at least to walk, not less than 1 hour a day. Or 2-3 times a week to devote 35-40 minutes to trainings with light intensity. For example, it is possible to practice walking or yoga.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team