Kefir after the training

Kefir after the training

Many people who are engaged in that or other sport use kefir after the training. Whether it is correct? Whether about that it is worth drinking kefir after the training – further in article.

Kefir after the training – whether effectively to drink it for weight loss?

Kefir in itself is the product helping an organism to fill shortage of protein which often arises at power trainings. Also, it promotes decrease in deficiency in liquid in the athlete's organism. Besides, kefir proved as the product normalizing work of digestive system for a long time. So its advantage at trainings is obvious.

In addition, kefir contains calcium necessary for a human body which not only strengthens bone tissues, but also promotes burning of fat deposits. By the way, not everyone knows about the last feature of this mineral. In view of these features, kefir is shown to the use to all athletes at the age of less than 25 years and also to the people suffering from excess weight.

It is possible to drink the fat-free kefir after the training and it is necessary. For reference: this type of kefir contains 0.05% of fat, and his rival with the usual content of fat – 2.5-3%. Considering that advantage both views bring equally, it does not make sense to use excess calories simply. Usual kefir contains about 400 calories on liter, and fat-free – only 270, i.e. – it is almost twice less.

Consumption of kefir after the training will help to normalize metabolism that will increase efficiency of occupations. Besides, this product is antioxidant which neutralizes the free radicals destroying fibers of muscles. Especially many radicals arise in the course of the training. So the answer to a question of advantage of kefir after the trainings is obvious.

For dumping of fat weight without prejudice to muscular there is a special diet which basis is kefir. During the day it is necessary to eat only vegetables and low-calorie fruit and also – the fat-free meat, rice, porridges, a bird of egg, buckwheat and of course – kefir. And the last per day it is necessary to drink not less than two liters.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team