Klenbuterol in bodybuilding

Klenbuterol in bodybuilding

Many are inclined to consider that klenbuterol – steroid. Actually, it is medicine which in official medicine is used at treatment of bronchial asthma. Initially it was not calculated on reception by athletes, however thanks to its uncommon properties and influence on a human body klenbuterol in sport quickly found popularity.

Klenbuterol in bodybuilding

This substance is unique as allows to combine two such important, but such different processes. On the one hand, medicine activates process of a lipoliz and forces a body to split actively saved-up fats and not to reserve new. On the other hand, klenbuterol interferes with destruction of muscle tissue which is usually spent much quicker fat. These two effects allow to use medicine in bodybuilding, providing complex effect.

Of course, it should be combined with intake of amino acids or proteins and also a strict proteinaceous diet or a diet drying. Only an integrated approach allows to save an organism from excess work and to accelerate treasured results.

Effects of a klenbuterol are very attractive to any athlete who wants to win against a hated fat and to show to people around the rolled muscles rather. If to note them everything, we will receive such list:

  • combustion of fat and drying of muscles (for the sake of what usually all also begin reception);
  • loss of appetite (pleasant side effect);
  • temperature increase;
  • anticatabolic action;
  • mental activation;
  • anabolic action (expressed poorly).

This complex of the made impact allows to call klenbuterol one of the best zhiroszhigatel who make multilateral impact on an organism.

Klenbuterol: side effects

It should be noted that at the correct use – that is in combination with a diet and in the necessary dosages – it means practically does not make collateral impacts.

  1. The shiver - is expressed in the first day of reception, but after does not disturb (or is eliminated ketotifeny).
  2. The perspiration increased (infrequently).
  3. The concern increased – meets only at 6% of people and is eliminated ketotifeny. Insomnia – happens seldom and is eliminated ketotifeny.
  4. Arrhythmia - it is rare, and is eliminated with additional reception beta 1 - adrenoblokatora.
  5. Increase in arterial blood pressure – disturbs 6 people from 100, and is eliminated beta 1 - adrenoblokatorami.
  6. Diarrhea is possible only in the first days of reception.
  7. Nausea arises extremely seldom and, as a rule, passes.
  8. Spasms (arise only at excess reception – or the beginning of reception).

The majority of side effects either pass, or can be eliminated with reception of other types of sports food. In a complex such approach gives almost total absence of side effects that is extremely rare for zhiroszhigatel.

How to accept klenbuterol for drying?

The full course of a klenbuterol on drying will consist of two two-week courses with a break in the same 2 weeks. It is caused by the fact that medicine causes accustoming and 14 days later its efficiency strongly decreases. After a break it will be again effective.

The first two weeks:

  • 1 day: 20 mkg;
  • 2 day: 40 mkg;
  • 3 day: 60 mkg;
  • 4 day: 80 mkg;
  • 5 day: 80 mkg;
  • 6-12 day: 100 mkg;
  • 13 day: 80 mkg;
  • 14 day: 60 mkg.

Further two-week break. After it continuation of a course:

  • 1 day: 60 mkg;
  • 2 day: 80 mkg;
  • 3 day: 80 mkg;
  • 4 day: 100 mkg;
  • 5 day: 100 mkg;
  • 6-12 day: 120 mkg;
  • 13 day: 100 mkg;
  • 14 day of 80 mkg.

The maximum daily dose for women – 100 mkg, for men – 120 mkg. However in the first course it is worth taking the drug on accruing. For women the dosage 120 should be replaced with 100 where it is specified.


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