Lawn grass – how to choose?

Lawn grass – how to choose?

Quite often happens so that even at the correct leaving the lawn turns out rare, places during the winter in it form bald spots which should be closed frequent subsowings. The thing is that the acquired collecting does not correspond to these climatic conditions as has a foreign origin. It will be told about how to choose a lawn grass in this article.

How to choose a lawn grass for crops?

First of all it is necessary to be guided by fitness to climate and structure of the soil. It is clear, that any decorative grass has to be a perennial, differently the lawn should be sowed every year. Thinking of how to choose seeds for a lawn grass, it is necessary to remember that the qualitative structure includes several grades of herbs with different indicators of viability, adaptability to environmental conditions, etc. Thus, pluses of some cultures will compensate shortcomings of others and the ideal lawn, a pleasant round season the juicy and fluffy look will turn out. The grass of one-two types is used only for parterre lawns.

What lawn grass it is better to choose?

From all the plant species existing today cereal cultures are most of all adapted for conditions of a lawn. They are most resistant to destruction by frost, are attractive from the esthetic point of view, are capable to develop a strong root system and to breed vegetativno. Besides, after bevelling they quickly ascend again and enhance the properties when fertilizing by mineral fertilizers. From all variety of herbs for a lawn the poleviyets can allocate thin, a fescue red and a meadow grass meadow. The fescue red differs in slow growth therefore in the first year you should not wait for plentiful shoots, but on the second it will please with a dense equal cover.

The meadow grass quite slowly increases a root system, and the polevitsa is famous for good winter hardiness and unpretentiousness, besides possesses in saturated deep-green color, allocating a lawn with a rich look. Being interested as it is correct to choose a lawn grass, it is necessary to remember that mixes can include also other plants, but they should not prevail as a part of seeds. The thing is that they have some negative sides which are not allowing to consider them the best option for a lawn. So, the polevitsa pobegonosny very quickly grows, but her horizontal escapes have light coloring and can be allocated on the general dark green background of a vegetable carpet.

The meadow grass meadow can also have other versions unsuitable for a lawn. Narrow-leaved, ordinary and flattened types are short-lived and in 5–7 years they should be pereseivat. Besides many consider that blades at them too rigid and unpleasant to the touch at circulation barefoot, and color not bright green, and with a gray shade.

How to choose a lawn grass for the yard?

There are highly specialized species of herbs intended for crops in certain conditions. Here some of them:

  • the meadow grass dubravny well grows in a penumbra. Its seeds it is possible to sow a ground near construction, places under garden trees, etc. However its root system differs in weak density therefore often it is impossible to mow it and to go on it too;
  • the marsh meadow grass will cover with a beautiful carpet soil with the increased humidity. It has powerful roots, but the term of life is short therefore it is required to be podseivat often. This look is quite often combined with a polevitsa white;
  • the grass of emerald color smart by sight and very gentle, having effect of velvet fabric polevitsa dog is very whimsical and does not take out the movement. There live about 5 years, slowly grows and possesses a weak root system;
  • if there is a wish to get for short term a lawn, but at the same time temporary, it is worth choosing a fescue meadow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team