Life hacks for life

Life hacks for life

Today there is a set of hi-tech gadgets which help to cope with many household difficulties. But this quite expensive pleasure. There is an opportunity to make our life simpler by means of quite usual and habitual things. Life hacks for life not only will save money in a purse, and and will present a set of free time. Life hack is useful tips for all occasions.

Useful life hacks

  1. Buying the small equipment in the sealed plastic packings, many people have a difficulty of its extraction. If packing not to be necessary any more, it is possible to scissor safely it, but how to be if you plan to use plastic packing for further storage of goods which are in it. Then the can opener which thanks to the cloves will make an accurate cut at the edges of packing comes to the rescue.
  2. Being at home many people, do not hear a sound of the mobile phone as do not carry it with themselves. Also turned on TV, the working washing machine and many other reasons can be fault to it. If you wish not to miss important phone call, it is possible to place the mobile phone in a small bowl. The vibrocall in ware will create a sound which you will not be able to pass.
  3. It is possible to find useful application and to ringlets from the cans used in carbonated drinks. The double ringlet is fastened by one party to a picture or a photoframe, and another is hung up on a wall.

Interesting life hacks

  1. The usual newspaper will help to get rid of many smells. It can be placed on the refrigerating shelf, in a container for food and even in a leather purse to save it from an unpleasant factory smell.
  2. All the balm, known since the childhood, the asterisk will help to save furniture from persistent attention from pets. It can be applied slightly on that furniture which needs to be kept and the pet will avoid it. The asterisk can be used also for fight against a fungus standing.
  3. By means of tooth thread it is possible to cut thinly and exactly pie or soft cheese. By the way, that cheese stayed in the fridge longer and did not become covered by a mold, its cut can be rubbed with butter.

Life hacks for men

  1. Quite often being in the car, need something appears to throw out. As a garbage can for the private car the plastic container perfectly will be suitable for grain.
  2. Many people faced a problem of constantly undone lightning on jeans. The issue can be resolved by means of an ordinary ring from a bunch of keys. The ring needs to be passed throughout a uvula of a doggie for a lightning and in the clasped look to hook for a button.
  3. It is possible to clean the hammered kitchen sink and without the assistance of the plumber and special means. Absolutely not worse half a glass of vinegar and soda will cope with this task.
  4. The usual bag of tea for only one night will eliminate an unpleasant smell from any footwear.

Life hacks for all occasions

  1. It is not recommended to cool wine by means of ice cubes as melt water will spoil taste of drink. For these purposes it is better to use the frozen grapes.
  2. . Your mobile phone was practically discharged, and there is almost no time left to charge it? It is possible to expose on mobile the mode "on the plane", then process of a charge of the battery will go much quicker.
  3. There are situations when you take out a package from a garbage can, and it begins to leak. That it did not occur, on a bottom of a clean package in a garbage can it is possible to lay the unnecessary newspaper.

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