Magic abilities

Magic abilities

Many people consider that they have magic abilities, and they can work wonders, but whether so it, it is worth understanding. There is an opinion that such abilities depend on internal energy which is directly connected with our mentality and chakras. Let's understand how to develop magic abilities. If you go to bookstore, then you will see a huge number of grants and books on this subject which will allow you to reach perfection, well so they promise it.

How to distinguish?

If to find out what magic abilities happen, then generally they can be divided into 2 parts: so-called white and black magic. Many people even do not know that they have such potential and can help people, but also so-called magicians can do much harm too. For a start we will find out how to define the magic abilities:

  1. Study the family tree, your great-grandmother can was a witch, and, as we know, such talents are transferred by the nature of.
  2. Analyze the life, can you showed some abilities, for example, you predicted some event earlier.
  3. Many magicians have warm hands which can help to reduce any pain.
  4. Look round as people who surround you if they from you jump aside behave, then there can be at you a strong, but strange power.
  5. Also look at behavior of animals, especially at cats as it is considered that they are conductors to other world.
  6. Electric devices react to magic abilities, for example, if in the room into which you came suddenly the light was turned off or the TV was turned on, so you after all has a magic gift.
  7. One more sign of magic - luck if you are always lucky, it is worth thinking, maybe, you have magic abilities.

How to check?

If interests you how to check the magic abilities, then make an experiment, for example, on the mother, look at her, relax and think of the future. Then write down the predictions and compare them to reality after a while.

How to strengthen?

And finally let's find out how to enhance the magic abilities. The main thing – do not forget about responsibility which appeared at you together with these forces. Read corresponding literature and visit magic places which are simply filled with energy with which you can be supported. And the most important – practice, try to progress and move forward constantly only.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team