Main rivers of France

Main rivers of France

The deep beautiful rivers Loire and Seine are one of the main natural attractions of France. They inspire artists on creation of masterpieces, call all tourists at an excursion to this amazing country, and locals are admired by their power and natural beauty every day.

Located in an environment of majestic architectural constructions, Loire is recognized as the longest river of France 1012 kilometers long with an area of pools of 117 thousand km². Water flows of Laura begin the course with the department Ardèche which is in the south of France, proceeding on the North to Orléans, and then from the East on the West to the most Atlantic Ocean. The slowness of Seine of 776 kilometers, and the area of a river basin is 78.65 thousand km². The river originates from the East of Burgundy, flowing on the Parisian basin. Seine falls into English Channel near the city of Le Havre.  

Loire and Seine – the rivers with actively developing system of navigation. Among the most known  ports of Loire - Le Havre, Nantes, Bordeaux, and on Seong are presented the main ports of the cities of Paris, Le Havre and Ruana.

Today the pearl of France, Loire, is a source of active development of a crop and tourism industry. Besides, on Loire nine majestic castles which are world level sights are seen. All castles by all means will want to be visited, but a lot of time for this purpose will be required. Therefore it is the best of all to visit the park of miniatures in the territory of Chateau d'Amboise where exhibits of all locks are presented.

The magnificent waterway, Seine, is an integral part in development of Paris which divides the city into the right bank and left. The right bank of the river can be perceived as a trade and business point of the city where it is possible to see the glorified Triumphal arch. And the left bank is considered the educational and cultural territory of the country, the Eiffel Tower exactly there is located.

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