Male infertility - the reasons

Male infertility - the reasons

Unfortunately, but it is rather often possible to meet couples which a long time cannot conceive the child. As a result it becomes clear that with health of the woman everything is good, and here at the man serious problems were revealed.

Symptoms of male infertility

  1. If within a year of the active sexual relations without protection the conception did not happen, then this serious reason for inspection on infertility.
  2. If for a long time any of partners, on condition of the unprotected sex, did not become pregnant, the man should think of the health.
  3. Presence of pathologies of development of genitals.
  4. A small amount of sperm which is distinguished during ejaculation can demonstrate impassability of ways, violation of a hormonal background, etc.
  5. The serious diseases postponed during life.

Now you know how to define male infertility. In such situation the main thing not to hesitate as the doctor will appoint necessary treatment which will be able to help to cope with a problem.

Types of male infertility:

  1. Sekretorny form. At the same time testicles do not make necessary quantity of spermatozoa for successful fertilization. Besides spermatozoa can have a low mobility or they have certain defects of the building. This form can cause such symptoms of male infertility: to a varikotsela, dropsy of testicles, kriptorkhizm, etc.
  2. Obturatsionny form. The mobility of spermatozoa is in that case broken. Absolutely different reasons, for example, injuries of testicles or inguinal areas and also various diseases, etc. can provoke this problem.

Besides infertility can be provoked by immunological incompatibility of partners.

Main reasons for male infertility

Generally it is possible to allocate the following groups of the reasons:

  1. Hormonal failures. The research should be passed surely if at the man problems in puberty or other signs of the wrong development were observed. If the FSG high level is found in blood, then it, most likely, demonstrates that spermatozoa, or are not developed at all, or are made in a small amount.
  2. Impassability of semyavynosyashchy ways. If only the unilateral impassability is observed, then the amount of sperm will be insignificant and if bilateral, then it is absent completely. It can be a congenital problem or it can arise in case of a serious infection, for example, of gonorrhea or clamidiosis.
  3. Ejaculation problems. The retrograde ejaculation means throwing of sperm in a bladder. This problem can be congenital or it arises at men with diabetes, a sclerosis and also at those who have bladder diseases. Still this problem can arise because of intake of certain medicines, for example, of antidepressants. All these reasons can cause male infertility.
  4. Injuries or defects. Testicles – the place in which sperm is made and stored. Diseases and problems with testicles to provoke total absence of sperm. This defect can be congenital, for example, the neostarted-up testicles in a scrotum. Still presence of varicosity of veins of a scrotum can cause infertility.
  5. Way of life and use of drugs. Anti-cold can have an adverse effect on a spermatogenesis huge amount of medicines, even. The contact with harmful chemical means, for example, with some types varnishes and paints can cause infertility also. Negatively on men's function the wrong way of life, for example, abuse of alcohol, smoking, improper feeding, strong fatigue, etc. can affect.


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