Markets as hero of the time

Markets as hero of the time

Evgeny Bazarov – one of the central characters of the novel of I.S. Turgenev "Fathers and children". This is the typical democrat commoner adhering to materialistic views. Bazarov is distinguished by independence of judgments and aspiration to understand everything. Critics quite often call him the hero of the time.


1. Bazarov incorporated characteristic features of many representatives of a difficult and contradictory era of the middle of the 19th century. Materialistic and democratic beliefs found reflection in the identity of this literary hero. He can be an example of the person capable safely and independently to think. Whether it is possible to call Bazarov the true "hero of the time"?

2. From the novel the reader learns that the course of life of Evgeny Bazarov was quite difficult. For long years he worked hard, trying to obtain everything the work. Even during study at the university the young scientist counted only on himself, without resorting to financial support from parents. Moved it aspiration to independence and independence, so rare for young people of that time.

3. Bazarov's mind is very practical. The hero does not accept those things which be not able to understand, with neglect treats art and poetic creativity. For it which is carried away by natural sciences there are only objective facts and results of experiments which can be subjected to check on experience. Everything that does not fit into scientific formulas, including an esthetics and beauty of the nature, loses any meaning for the young scientist. The nature for Bazarov – a workshop, but not the temple.

4. The similar unilaterality of views of reality is combined at Bazarov with strong personality of his character. The habit to independent thinking never taught the hero and to imitate nobody anybody not to admire. In the behavior he shows ease, sincerity and naturalness, without fearing to be unlike the environment. Similar manners cause envy and condemnation in many.

5. Turgenev Bazarov is a frank and incorrigible nihilist who is inclined everything to deny and to call in question. But similar views – not a craze, but the habit only developed by practice to find confirmation to the scientific and vital facts. Bazarov's nihilism becomes inherently denial of pervasive stagnancy and narrow-mindedness in which his many contemporaries wallowed.

6. Being the carrier of the new rebellious ideas resisting to narrow-minded morals, Markets surely takes in life the own place, worthy the person of the new generation aimed at radical reorganization of reality. In this sense he is a real hero of the time, the bright representative of those public forces which set a goal to change the world which surrounds them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team