Massage of a prostate - advantage and harm

Massage of a prostate - advantage and harm

Because of a modern way of life, prostatitis becomes the real nightmare of men. Annually this disease "looks younger" and more often men see doctors, the little 25 years are more senior. Doctors as a part of complex treatment often appoint massage of a prostate which advantage and harm very much interests patients.

Whether massage of a prostate is necessary?

Many men consider – to do why massage of a prostate if it is possible to spend on drink a rate of medicines and to forget about a disease. However this procedure thanks to mechanical influence most effectively irritates the terminations of nervous fibers. The investigation of it is strengthening of a blood-groove in a prostate, restoration of a tone of muscles of a crotch, improvement of absorption of medicines. Besides, massage of a prostate promotes release of secretion of this gland that enhances potency.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of massage of a prostate is high, but it is necessary to consider also possible harm of the procedure. Incorrectly made massage of a prostate can cause aggravation or development of prostatitis and adenoma in the man. This procedure will do harm and in the presence at the patient of a sharp bacterial infection, tumors and stones in a prostate, hemorrhoids, problems with urination, calcite and the proktit, adenoma at a late stage.

Can do harm to health of the patient and the inexperienced massage therapist – exists danger to injure a large intestine, to cause autoimmune reaction of an organism, to provoke oncological complications or other problems. For this reason massage of a prostate has to be carried out only by the experienced expert.

How often to do massage of a prostate?

Among indications to massage of a prostate such diseases as chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, the male infertility which developed as a result of inflammation of gland are specified, but register it and for carrying out the analysis of a secretion of gland (in the latter case the procedure is carried out so many time how many it is necessary tests). Frequency of massage for treatment most often daily, the number of procedures is offered by the doctor, a standard course – 10. Duration of one procedure – from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Feelings at massage of a prostate

Extremely popular belief that massage of a prostate – very painful procedure. However at qualitatively carried out manipulations of an acute pain should not be, only short-term unpleasant feelings normal can appear. If pain developed – it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor, this information will help with diagnosis. After performing massage it is necessary to urinate if in urine there is a pus – it is necessary to receive medical treatment for antibiotics.

Types of massage of a prostate

The simplest type of massage of a prostate – indirect. Doctors recommend it as prevention of prostatitis and in an early stage of a disease. Conduct such massage independently, it consists in the consecutive tension and relaxation of muscles of an anus. External massage consists in impact on a prostate outside. The area under a scrotum is massed at the same time.

Internal massage of a prostate is called rectal. His doctor can see off by means of the device, for example, vacuum, or manually when gland is massed by a finger-tip. In certain cases prescribe the patient a hydromassage at which enter camomile broth into a rectum, and the patient, squeezing an anus, holds liquid.

Urological massage of a prostate is carried out by the doctor-urologist by means of a buzh which is entered through an urethra. Only the highly qualified specialist can execute this type of the procedure.

Before performing massage of a prostate the patient needs to be prepared – to make hygienic procedures and to drink several glasses of water since at the filled bladder it will be easier for doctor to find gland. It is desirable before the procedure and to calm down, for example, by means of respiratory gymnastics.


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