Membrane theory as theory of all

Membrane theory as theory of all

Scientific several decades struggle with creation of a scientific kotseption which could explain how the world in general is arranged. Works on "the theory of all" there began still Albert Einstein. Modern ideas of origin of the Universe and its device found reflection in the "membrane" theory.


1. The membrane theory (M-theory) is a concept of a physical peace arrangement which pursues the aim to unite all known fundamental interactions. In the center of consideration of this frame of reference the so-called multidimensional membrane ("brana") lies. It can be presented visually as the object possessing a set of measurements. The M-theory which was offered by the physicist Edward Uitten became logical continuation of a frame of reference known as "string theory".

2. The predecessor of this physical concept, the quantum string theory, was created in the early seventies the past century. She considered the world as the complex consisting of extended one-dimensional structures. The basic provision of the string theory is that fundamental particles have an appearance of the nonlocal extended objects divided on ranges of vozbuzhdeniye.

3. Make the string theory internally consistent only assumption of the fact that there is a space with number of measurements more than four can. The question of the number of measurements became a subject of long scientific discussions. Over time many investigated began to incline to a thought that their number can reach eleven. The similar assumption removed fundamental contradictions and did the string theory coordinated.

4. Theoretical calculations demonstrated that strings of the universe are crossed among themselves, forming a certain similarity of a membrane. In this regard the new theory also received the name of membrane. Adherents of this concept consider that the physical reality in essence is the certain "membrane" soaring in space of a set of measurements having an uneven surface. Existence of not uniformity in structure of this education could become the reason of a hypothetical Big Bang which gave rise of the present Universe.

5. Studying a system from eleven measurements, scientists encounter need of introduction to the concept of one more Universe all the time. Some consider that the number of such parallel worlds can be limited to nothing in general. The hypothetical new Universes in representation of researchers take the bizzare shapes similar by the form to a "traditional" membrane or cardinally different from it.

6. Skeptically adjusted scientists believe that on the fundamental nature the membrane theory can be considered only as a prelude to "the theory of all" as there is a number of the theoretical moments which meanwhile do not keep within this concept. The weak point of the M-theory is that all calculations in it are conducted from the moment of the Big Bang, and he still is only a hypothesis. The membrane theory also does not answer a question of time nature.

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