Milk after the training

Milk after the training

In order that the training was successful, the organism has to contain enough useful substances. During the sports occupations there are considerable expenditure of vitamins, minerals and proteinaceous connections. Therefore after the training it is necessary to use products which will help to fill a reserve of these substances. Products of dairy group belong to such products.

Milk after the training

It is useful to drink products of dairy group after the training for a number of reasons:

  1. Cottage cheese with milk after the training allow to saturate an organism with full-fledged proteins. Proteinaceous connections are necessary for an organism for restoration and construction of muscles therefore it is necessary that proteins came to an organism right after sports activities. Milk contains quickly also slowly digested proteins promoting significant increase in muscle bulk.
  2. Milk restores balance of liquid in an organism. Milk not only returns to an organism the lost moisture, but also helps its preservation. It is promoted by contents in milk of sodium and potassium. Without normal water balance the full accumulation of muscle bulk and clarification of an organism from slags and toxins is impossible. Enough water is prevention of headaches and feelings of fatigue.
  3. Milk helps to lose weight. Thanks to contents in milk of fats and slowly digested proteins, they can satisfy hunger after the training. Time after the sports occupations is time of an intensive expense in an energy organism. If after the training there is within an hour nothing, except milk, then it is possible to achieve melting of fat cages.
  4. Whole milk helps to maintain health of bones.

Milk after the training can be drunk that who has no intolerance of dairy products. It is better for that who has an intolerance only of whole milk to use powdered milk after the training or products of sour-milk group.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team