Morning training

Morning training

It is considered that morning trainings have a number of advantages. First, they bring an organism into a tone and give forces for all day. Secondly, on performance of exercises there are many forces, so, the training can be effective.

Food before a morning training

Many consider that if before occupation not to eat, then the result will be the best, especially, if the purpose is to get rid of excess weight. Actually, it is a mistake as the organism will quickly be tired and it will be difficult to execute the program or it is impossible. Food at morning trainings has to consider time prior to occupation. If prior to a training is a couple of hours, then it is worth eating a full-fledged breakfast and if 1.5 h – that on a plate have to be 1/3 proteins and 2/3 carbohydrates, and a half of them fast.

Morning training of the house

Before considering exercises, It is necessary to tell that it is necessary to make warm-up, and it has to be a little longer usual as a body not such elastic as in the evening.

Example of exercises:

  1. Push-ups "Spider". Accept an emphasis lying, as well as at traditional exercises. The task is in that during push-ups at the same time to tighten that left, that right knee to the corresponding elbow. Important during performance of exercise to keep press muscles in suspense.
  2. Squats with a vyprygivaniye. Get up directly, inhaling, sit down before hips are not parallel to a floor, and then, on an exhalation make a vyprygivaniye up, making a start full stupnyam. Land on legs, having a little bent them in knees, and again do a squat. It is possible to carry out exercise with dumbbells.
  3. Case inclination on one leg. SP – pick up dumbbells and get up, having put legs at the level of shoulders. Take away one leg back, holding its equal, and then, keeping balance, lower the case to a parallel with a floor. Record situation and return to SP.

The morning cardiotraining, for example, run or driving the bicycle is considered effective, but consider that it has to last not less than 40 min.


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