Nuts and honey for men

Nuts and honey for men

Salutary properties of walnuts and honey are known to all. Cough, organism exhaustion, toxins, an ulcer and an indigestion – still ancient sorcerers got rid of all these illnesses by means of honey and nuts. But nuts and honey are most useful to men who suffer from sexual weakness.

Advantage of honey with walnuts

Thanks to the useful properties, honey with walnuts is an undoubted advantage and also the simplest and effective remedy of traditional medicine against impotence.

Honey combines the calming and toning properties. Thanks to existence of such minerals as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus, honey normalizes secretion in genitals. And it raises sexual desire and promotes production of testosterone.

Walnuts are rich with a wide range of minerals and mineral salts and also an omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which is capable to work wonders with potency.

Nuts and honey are an elixir for potency, this mix provides:

  • increase in a libido (sexual desire);
  • improvement of process of blood circulation in bodies of an urinogenital system;
  • development of bigger quantity of spermatozoa therefore the quality of sperm improves.

Mix of honey and nuts for men is a pledge of stable sex life. Thanks to special vegetable enzymes the blood circulation of bodies in inguinal area improves that increases sexual inclination at men.

The combination of walnuts and honey increases chance to become pregnant. The advantage of these products is that they promote increase in quantity of spermatozoa, increase duration of their life, than positively affect the reproductive system of men.

The most important quality of mix of honey with walnuts, unlike pharmaceutical medicines that positively affecting male potency they also have positive effect on all organism in general.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team