Of what chemical elements the person consists

Of what chemical elements the person consists

The body of the average adult of people consists approximately of thirty trillion cages. These cages are constructed of the most various chemical elements. The organism receives construction materials for their construction with the consumed food, the inhaled air, drinking water.


1. Three "whales" making a human body consider water, organic matter and inorganic substances.

2. Water. Hydrogen - the substance which is giving rise to water from it stars are created. Being the oxidized combustible oxygen, it forms water. Depending on age of the person, water in a human body makes from 97% at an embryo, up to 57% at elderly people. All chemicals in an organism are in a type of water solutions. All processes in living cells happen in the presence of water. The human body is younger, the more contains in its structure water which molecule consists of hydrogen and oxygen. It also caused high percentage in the person of these elements: oxygen about 65%, hydrogen - about 10%.

3. Organic matter. About 34% of a human body make organic matter. Special compounds of carbon - amino acid are their cornerstone. A bargaining chip of carbon not that it forms diamonds and oil, and that thanks to it on the planet the life arose. Twenty amino acids form the scheme of life on Earth in any living organism. As a part of amino acids generally there are a carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Carbon makes about 18%, nitrogen – 3% in a human body.

4. Inorganic compounds. Not organic chemistry in a human body about 6%. These are 22 elements of the table of Mendeleyev (Ca, P, O, Na, Mg, S, B, Cl, K, V, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Cr, Si, I, F, Se) without which accurate work of an organism is impossible. Their constant presence even in microscopic quantities guarantees the correct course of all vital processes. So, calcium gives durability to bones and teeth, phosphorus works for formation of DNA, sodium protects cages and promotes transfer of nervous signals, zinc is an irreplaceable element in the course of a metabolism.

5. It is possible to consider infinitely long grams, to investigate percent. Put on one scale 10 kg of pure carbon, a gas cylinder with oxygen, a small canister of liquid nitrogen, a 50-liter barrel of water, an iron nail of the average size, phosphorus from 55 thousand match heads and about 20 small insignificant sizes of pieces of copper, zinc, cobalt and a lot of things another. On other scale there will be a person. The weight and structure will be equal. On a scale where there is a person, in addition there is absolutely weightless, not designated by percent element. Its name – Life.

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