Ozonoterapiya - advantage and harm

Ozonoterapiya - advantage and harm

Ozonoterapiya as one of types of physiotherapeutic treatment, appeared relatively recently. These procedures in which natural gas ozone is involved are used both outwardly, and intravenously. They are directed to treatment of many illnesses, are used for prevention of diseases and in the cosmetology sphere. At intravenous administration it can be used as pure ozone, and in the divorced state or with the patient's blood, or with physical solution. However such method of treatment has many opponents who in confirmation of the point of view adduce arguments not in favor of an ozonoterapiya. Treatment by natural gas can not just rejuvenate and revitalize an organism, but also do it serious harm. Therefore before deciding on such procedure, it is necessary to study all contraindications and possible by-effects. And only after that to be defined whether it is worth being treated by means of an ozonoterapiya.

Indications and contraindications of an ozonoterapiya

Treatment by nitrogen - the therapy excluding intake of medicamentous medicines. It is used in various medical areas. Besides, such method of physiotherapeutic treatment is capable to improve a physical condition of the person, to increase his protective functions and mental activity. Ozonoterapiya has numerous indications and is used in the following spheres of medicine:

  1. In neurology. So, treatment sessions ozone often are appointed to the persons suffering from severe and frequent headaches, vegeto-vascular dystonia, violations of blood circulation in a brain.
  2. In cardiology. This therapy is used at treatment of diseases of heart and vessels.
  3. In virology.
  4. In urology. Ozonoterapiya can save from prostatitis and an ureteritis.
  5. In gastroenterology. By means of ozone it is possible to cure gastritises, stomach ulcers, colitis.
  6. For normalization of weight.

The advantage of an ozonoterapiya for a human body is huge as natural gas has many important properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • bactericidal;
  • analgetic;
  • immunostimulating.

Ozonoterapiya is often used for weight loss. By an experimental method it is proved that ozone accelerates the metabolic processes proceeding in an organism. It occurs at the expense of its mechanism of influence: these procedures promote expansion of vessels at the expense of what microcirculation and blood circulation improves that leads to acceleration of chemical reactions. At impact on hypodermic parts of the body, ozone is capable to destroy fat deposits.

Despite all advantage of an ozonoterapiya, you should not forget also about harm which consists in contraindications. So, it is the best of all for the persons suffering from a hypoglycemia, pancreatitis lowered by pressure to refuse this therapy. And also that who has internal bleedings, spasms and intolerance of ozone. It is considered that external use of gas does not bear side effects that cannot be told about intravenous use.

Advantage and harm of an intravenous ozonoterapiya

The essence of this technique consists in direct introduction of gas to blood of the person by means of injections or droppers. Such procedures have the revitalizing and all-strengthening value. The advantage of an ozonoterapiya consists in blood circulation improvement, to its more intensive enrichment with oxygen and also in a conclusion of toxic substances. Sessions of therapy allow to get rid of chronic fatigue and to increase protective functions of an organism. This procedure is painless and safe in case concentration of ozone is calculated truly and its dose will not be exceeded. However many experts consider that ozone is capable to destroy structures of cages that can become the cause of malignant new growths.


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