Pantheon of gods of Ancient Egypt

Pantheon of gods of Ancient Egypt

The pantheon of Ancient Egypt includes more than three thousand gods. Their names and functions in half of cases are buried in oblivion. However, information on the main gods is enough.

The most esteemed from the Egyptian gods

Now it is possible to tell that the most favourite, clear and "native" for Egyptians was god Osiris who was once one of terrestrial tsars. His brother Seth killed Osiris out of envy, split into a set of pieces and threw out to Great Nile. The devoted spouse of Osiris who was called Isida went to long search, collected all parts of a body of Osiris (according to legends it was not always simple to be made). Accurate Osiris revived and occupied a throne of the kingdom of the dead. Unfortunately, on it his brother Seth did not calm down and began hunting for Osiris and Isida's son therefore the last covered the baby Gore in the unapproachable delta of Nile. The grown-up Gore defeated the uncle fair competition then other gods of Egypt declared him Osiris's successor.

In Ancient Egypt each of gods had five names. All these names connected gods with primary elements, astronomical objects or were peculiar titles.

Egyptians close accepted sufferings of the gods. Therefore the cult of Osiris, Gore and the faithful wife Isida very quickly became extremely popular in the territory of the Egyptian lands. Actually, any Egyptian associated himself with Osiris. On gravestones most of Egyptians called themselves Osirisami such, hoping to share lot of the deity after death.

Isida became one of the greatest goddesses of antiquity. It became a sample of motherhood and femininity in Ancient Egypt. Isida was considered as the progenitress of the Egyptian tsars, their sort was built to Gore (Osiris and Isida's sokologolovy son). A symbol of the goddess Isida was the throne, it was symbolically placed often on the head of the goddess, representing it.

The most ancient god of Egyptians

However, perhaps, the most important god of a traditional Egyptian pantheon is Amon. His name is translated as "intimate" or "hidden". Usually it was represented the man with skin of gold or blue color in a stupoobrazny crown with ostrich's feathers. Amon initially was god of a thunderstorm and the sky, but over time got functions of the incognizable and eternal lord of the Universe.

There is a number of the legends claiming that this supreme authority over the Universe from Amon cunning was taken away by Isida to transfer her to the to the husband and the son.

According to rather late texts Amon pronounced the first, initial word at the time of creation, soaring in the form of a bird over chaos waters from which the world was created.

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