Peruvian poppy for men

Peruvian poppy for men

Peruvian poppy – the plant which homeland is Peru, as defined its name. Absolutely not attractive and not remarkable externally, possesses the powerful root which is very reminding turnip or radish. It in crude, boiled, dried and other types it is accepted to eat. The plant differs in the mass of useful properties, but Peruvian poppy is of the greatest value for men.

Structure and useful properties Peruvian poppies

The root which is called still a peppergrass has the richest chemical composition. At it there are vitamins – With, E, groups B, minerals – iodine, selenium, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc and also amino acids – glutamine, arginine, asparaginic acid, glycine, tyrosine, an isoleucine, tryptophane, a lysine, etc. Besides, are its part alkaloids, amides of fatty acids, etc.

Properties Peruvian poppies:

  • increases immune protection;
  • reduces risk of development of malignancies, including a prostate cancer;
  • increases working capacity and endurance of an organism;
  • increases metabolism and speed of material exchange;
  • well influences operation of main "motor" of an organism, increases elasticity of walls of vessels;
  • normalizes a hormonal background;
  • increases intellectual activity and improves ability to storing of large volume of information.

Powder Peruvian poppy for potency

There are data that the plant was eaten still by ancient Inca and they noticed that the rhizome is capable to strengthen sexual desire, to increase potency and to quickly restore forces after sexual intercourse. Today a peppergrass nicknamed the Peruvian ginseng and it is quite justified, millions of men worldwide having problems in the intimate sphere had an opportunity again to feel joy of sex and to raise the self-assessment. From a root Peruvian poppies began to extract powder, extract, to produce superfoods in the form of capsules, enriching them with additional components of type of zinc, L-arginine, extract of an okra, a ginseng root, etc.

Peruvian poppies and other forms of this plant apply powder to improvement of quality of sperm, that is mobility of spermatozoa, restoration of function of an urinary system, enhanced action of a prostate, increase in fertility. With its help it is possible to stabilize a hormonal background, to improve an erection and to adjust regular sex life.

Method of application Peruvian poppies

It will be defined by a medicine form, so:

  1. Powder of a root begins to be accepted with 1 tsp a day, gradually increasing a dosage to 3 tsps. At the same time it can be mixed with drinks, to add to porridge or salad. The main thing that temperature of a dish or liquid did not exceed 45 s, differently the most part of useful properties of a root will be eliminated.
  2. Superfood in the form of capsules is recommended to accept on 500 mg a day, but anyway to such dosage it is necessary to come gradually.

Experts advise to take a break during reception once a week, and after 3 months of a full course to give to an organism the chance to have a rest month two and again to repeat a course. It is necessary to remember that the root of this plant can cause individual intolerance and allergic reactions, and still some users note a moderate abdominal distension. And let poppy is not either dietary supplement, or medicine, the effect of its reception can exceed all expectations, each organism is individual and a lot of things depend on age, the state of health, weight and other characteristics. Especially doubting it is worth consulting previously with the doctor.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team