Pharmaceutical medicines for a set of muscle bulk

Pharmaceutical medicines for a set of muscle bulk

Many athletes, wishing to increase working capacity and results of trainings, in addition use sports food. There are many different medicines, but pharmaceutical medicines and complexes for a set of muscle bulk are considered as the safest option for health. Sell them in drugstore without recipe and the price quite available. Not to do much harm to an organism and it is worth gaining desirable effect, to use the chosen medicine only according to the instruction.

What pharmaceutical medicines will help to gain muscle bulk?

  1. Glyutaminovy acid. This medicine improves activity of nervous system and takes part in nitrogenous exchange. It is also worth noting that this acid positively affects brain activity. Bodybuilders use this medicine to recover muscles after the training. The general course – 20 days.
  2. Methionine. This amino acid is important for exchange processes, and still it improves muscle growth, effect of hormones and vitamins. This substance is in cottage cheese. Course duration – 20 days.
  3. Orotat of potassium. Favorably medicine affects work of a cardiovascular system, and still it is important for protein synthesis. It is also worth noting and anabolic effect that helps to be restored quicker after the training. A rate of pharmaceutical medicine for a set of muscle bulk – 20-30 days.
  4. Inosine. Medicine positively affects blood circulation and course of exchange processes. It is important to notice also positive influence on work of heart. Inosine allows to improve also power balance. This pharmaceutical medicine for increase in muscle bulk is recommended to be used in a complex with orotaty potassium. The course makes 1-3 months.
  5. Ekdisteron. The substance which is a part of medicine has plant origin. It possesses the toning and exciting action and also increases force and muscle bulk. It is recommended to combine medicine with proteinaceous additives. It is recommended to accept during intensive trainings.
  6. Alvezin. This pharmaceutical medicine for a set of muscle bulk is presented in the solution form that only increases efficiency as substances in blood are useful at once. This irreplaceable amino acid is necessary for proteinaceous exchange. Medicine allows to increase working capacity and to prevent catabolism. It is recommended to use at the strengthened trainings. Course duration – 15-20 days.
  7. Asparkam. The purpose of this medicine is to deliver potassium and magnesium in cages. Still it is important for a metabolism and also for increase in efficiency of trainings and decrease in duration of the recovery period.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team