Philosophy and mythology: similarities and distinctions

Philosophy and mythology: similarities and distinctions

The mythology and philosophy are two various forms of public creation, two types of outlook. The arising philosophy borrowed the main questions mythology, having formulated them in more accurate form.

Origin of philosophy, its communication with mythology

Myths are ancient legends on fantastic beings, heroes and gods, at the same time it is set of views of people and their beliefs. For the ancient person the mythology was not the fairy tale, allocating with human qualities the natural phenomena or animals, she helped the person to be guided with the world, was a peculiar practical guidance.

The mythology is the way of understanding of the world characteristic of early stages of social development, the most ancient type of outlook. In mythology almost completely there is no rational basis. When there is a doubt, a hypothesis and the logical analysis, mythological consciousness collapses and on its place the philosophy arises.

Distinctive features of a mythological way of knowledge from philosophical

Mythological knowledge is characterized by inability to separate the person by nature, very often natural forms are given human lines, and fragments of space are animated. One of types of mythology is the animism connected with animation of inanimate nature. The fetishism — other type of mythology when attribute to things or elements supernatural properties, a totemizm allocates animals with supernatural abilities. Unlike mythology, the philosophy takes out the logical analysis, conclusions, proofs and generalizations into the forefront. It reflects the need for understanding of the world and its assessment increasing in society from a position of reason and knowledge. Gradually logical analysis began to force out fantastic fiction, mythological outlook philosophical succeeded.

Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology

Obvious communication between Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology is traced that is characteristic not only of miletsky school, but also of later philosophical doctrines of eleat, Pythagoreans and Platon. The myth was the first attempt to answer a question: from what as well as owing to what reasons there was everything existing in the world. In other words, in Ancient Greek texts of mythological character knowledge was accumulated and the first attempts to explain an origin of the universe were made. The mythology created several typical designs on which the arising Greek philosophy leaned. Its birth was one of components of a cultural revolution in Ancient Greece. The philosophy absorbed in itself the most valuable achievements of culture and gradually turned into the independent spiritual area from which the science evolved.

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