Pneumatic weapon - types and rules of application

Pneumatic weapon - types and rules of application

Pneumatic weapon is bought more often for psychological influence, though it is easy to injure them the opponent if to get to a certain part of a body. For hunters and straykbolist "vozdushka" - a great option which does not demand paperwork, but it should be taken into account also a number of the nuances defining a right choice upon purchase of the pnevmat.

What is "pneumatics"?

Pneumatic weapon is a version shooting in which the shell is pushed out under pressure of gas. The term is translated as "wind" therefore such guns are more often and rifles call "vozdushka". With 17 before the beginning of the 19th century this weapon was even considered as a powerful alternative fire as more exact, and to weather conditions insensitive.

Models are developed for hunting, sports and entertaining firing:

  • spring-piston;
  • gas-balloon;
  • wind tubes.

What does pneumatics differ from a traumatic gun in?

That it is more dangerous: traumatic gun or pneumatics? Both views have the advantages. Speed of a bullet of "vozdushka" reaches from 100 to 200 meters per second, and at "rewithdrawal pains" which are intended for hunting, – 350 meters per second. Traumatic guns belong to fire, differ from them only in rubber bullets. Are intended for self-defense more, than "vozdushka". Many ask a question what it is better - pneumatics or a traumatic gun? Experts note such distinctions:

  1. On travmat permission is necessary, and on pnevmat - no.
  2. At "travmatichka" rubber bullets, and at a pnevmatichka – iron.
  3. Bullets from rubber can strongly cripple, iron – are less dangerous.
  4. The price of a traumatic gun is much more.

What it is better - pneumatics or Flaubert?

Often for self-defense buy revolvers under the boss Flaubert, it is about the spetskalibr of 4.5 millimeters which is brought closer to fighting. What is more powerful - pneumatics or Flaubert? Shortly in comparison:

  1. At a gun or a revolver under Flaubert the speed of a bullet reaches 170 meters per second, at pneumatic – up to 150.
  2. The revolver is more convenient in carrying, the softness of descent is more, it does not need to be discharged as pnevmat.
  3. Bullets for a gun under Flaubert's cartridge much more expensive, than pneumatic, especially, if to buy also reusable barrels.

Types of pneumatic weapon

The market contains several types of pneumatic weapon, they differ by the size, caliber and weight, but work by some principles:

  1. Spring-piston pneumatics. Very reliable, costs not much. Sealant with gas mix is directly connected with a trunk.
  2. Compression pneumatics. Gas is pumped in the closed office to shoot, it is necessary to turn a lever which will shift the piston connected with the container with compressed gas.
  3. Weapon on liquefied gas. Powerful and exact, minus: it is impossible to use below zero at a temperature.
  4. Weapon with an Eyre cartridges. The best pneumatics, the strongest, exact and expensive acquisition, high speed of a bullet. Depending on caliber, from 50 to 200 shots are calculated, perfectly is suitable for hunting.

What is necessary for purchase of pneumatic weapon?

Purchase of weapon, including, and pneumatic, is allowed only full age. On weapon with certain parameters the license after all is necessary, permission to carrying pneumatic weapon provides license and allowing department. What is necessary to buy pneumatics? List of documents:

  1. The medical certificate about mental health.
  2. Passport photocopy.
  3. Two photos 3 on 4.
  4. Document on payment of the state fee.
  5. The statement for providing the license, it is considered within 10 days.

If the issue is resolved positively, then it will be necessary to pass test for knowledge of the norms regulating application, storage and carrying weapon. At successful result the applicant gets official permission to acquisition of the pnevmat. The license is granted for half a year. After purchase of weapon the seller hands a license back which should be provided within two weeks in license and allowing department. There already get a card and give permission. The same documents are provided for license renewal, but the state fee will be less.

Whether permission to pneumatic weapon is necessary?

Permission to pneumatic weapon as a rule is not required as it is intended for hunting and a strike games, but not for self-defense. But if the gun or a rifle has here such and higher than the parameters, then the document is necessary:

  • dulny energy – 7.7 J;
  • bullet speed – 150 meters per second;
  • caliber of 4.5 millimeters.

Permission opens unlimited opportunities on purchase and storage of pneumatic weapon with powerful characteristics. But it should be taken into account that free sale of "vozdushka" of big calibers is allowed if the speed of flight of their bullet does not exceed 100 meters per second. As power depends on the mass of a bullet, there was such practice: the gun or a rifle of caliber 4.5 millimeters still can be bought without license, and those that it is more – any more are not present.

How to choose pneumatic weapon?

What pneumatic weapon to choose? All buyers ask this question, having studied the huge choice of guns and rifles. At first it is necessary to weigh possibilities of the purse and expediency of expensive purchase. It is better for beginners not to be spent for professional models. As for acquisition of "vozdushka" for a strike, experts make such recommendations:

  1. Consider the position in a game. The small model that did not constrain the movement will be suitable for the attack plane. It is better for sniper to buy a powerful rifle with the longitudinally sliding lock. For those who are at war in cover the automatic rifle will be an optimal solution.
  2. Weigh possibilities of model. The most popular series are M4 and M16, they have the widest choice of external and internal updates.
  3. Do not buy weapon above the growth.
  4. Be defined in what type of fight you will be involved. Weapon with a short trunk or a folding butt will be suitable for the neighbor. For distant fight models with long trunks are more adapted.

Where it is possible to shoot with pneumatic weapon?

Most of people mistakenly consider that firing from pneumatics is allowed everywhere as permission to it is not necessary. It's not true. In a residential zone it is forbidden to shoot, as well as in the forest if it is only not about hunting. Pneumatic weapon is permitted to apply only in places where safety rules are followed:

  1. In the specially allotted territory: grounds, shooting ranges, shooting and hunting stands.
  2. In shooting galleries.
  3. In the private territory.

Rules of firing from pneumatic weapon

Powerful pneumatic weapon is dangerous to people around, and as any other, demands strict observance of rules of firing. The main of them:

  1. To check how the safety lock works. If it is not serviceable, it is impossible to use weapon.
  2. Never to direct to people, behind an exception a strike game. The trunk has to look strictly at a target if weapon is transferred, then – up.
  3. To load only in a firing line.
  4. Not to leave unguarded.
  5. The loaded or cocked rifle is not transferred to the workmate.
  6. To use points for protection of eyes.
  7. Not to pull the trigger if it is not ready to shoot.
  8. To press a rifle to a shoulder it is dense that did not jump aside at a shot.
  9. To wait after a shot several seconds as the bullet takes off more slowly, than from firearms.

Pneumatic weapon - whether it is possible to kill?

For most of people is surprise what strong harm pneumatic, at first sight, harmless weapon with small pools can do. According to official statistics, from pneumatics perishes to more people, than from fowling pieces. Pneumatic weapon of the increased power is capable to cripple and even to kill. Many forget that on a body there are zones in which hit can become a cause of death. Therefore it is never impossible to aim in:

  1. The powerful blow is capable to stop it.


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