Preparation of the car for winter

Preparation of the car for winter

In cold season the risk of depreciation of details and systems of a car considerably increases therefore preparation of the car for winter – extremely important and responsible issue. For this purpose it is possible to address on car repair shop, however it is possible to cope with necessary manipulations and independently.

How to make the car ready for the winter?

Anticorrosive works by preparation for winter consist in processing of a body special protective equipment. One of the most economic options – wax or mastic with which cover a body. Also installation of flaps and mudguards is obligatory – without them sand will quickly destroy a primer layer from the bottom.

The particular emphasis by preparation of the car for winter needs to be placed on readiness of the accumulator. It is necessary to be convinced of its state of charge, purity of terminals, necessary level of electrolyte. The starter and the generator require attention after 100 thousand kilometers – it is necessary to replace worn-out elements, to grease bearings and to restore the collector's surfaces.

Preparation of the car for winter provides also oil replacement. Among all variety of mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils it is necessary to choose, being guided by the index of viscosity and type of the engine specified on packing. To determine freezing temperature, from 35 it is necessary to subtract the index of viscosity. For example, oil with an indicator 10W will freeze at-25 degrees. Synthetic oils are considered as the most qualitative.

By preparation for winter the works connected with the brake system and selection of winter rubber have naivazhneyshy value. Worn-out blocks before winter operation should be replaced surely, as well as cuffs of boots of brake cylinders if brake fluid leaks. It is not necessary to save also on quality rubber – in the city enough and simple winter, studded is in the country necessary. Desirable height of a protector – more than 4 mm, pressure in tires – above summer on 0.2 bars.

Features of operation of the car in the winter

For fight against frost the employees of road services use the chemical reagents which are harmful influencing a body and causing the strongest corrosion. Washing of the car is accompanied by some difficulties in the winter – it is undesirable to lead him to frosty weather. After stay of a car on a sink it is necessary to wipe carefully sealants of doors and a trunk, and locks and latches - to grease.

Operating the car in the winter, drivers should remember that at a stop it is impossible to tighten the emergency brake – because of the got block snow very quickly will freeze to drums. This mistake is especially critical for cars with the front drive since rear-driven operation of the engine helps to release blocks.

If it is not possible to bring a car to a frost:


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