Products for a brain

Products for a brain

To representatives of intellectual professions, students and also all those who wants to keep at the high level the attention, memory and thinking it is necessary to show consideration for the food. All of us perfectly know that our diet has to be various and balanced. This important condition of health of our bodies and systems of bodies. However besides the called food factors the mental and informative abilities require consumption of special food.

What products are useful to a brain?

Products for a brain help to saturate this body with those substances which will promote stimulation and improvement of brain functions.

The list of products for food of a brain includes such:

  1. Fat sea fish. The salmon who grows in wild conditions and contains considerable amount of fat is considered the best representative of this group. Except a salmon it is recommended to use also meat of a salmon which the omega-3 also contains fatty acids.
  2. Blueberry and bilberry. These berries contain antioxidants which clean and restore cells of a brain, improving their functionality.
  3. Walnuts, almonds and cashew. They contain the Omega-3 the fatty acids, protein and substances increasing serotonin level.
  4. Natural coffee. It works as an easy stimulator, improving operability of a brain. In day it is recommended to drink one cup of strong coffee.
  5. They contain proteins, vitamins and is well-cared – substance without which the brain cannot fully work.
  6. This fruit improves blood supply, the brain helps to oxygenate.
  7. Cereals, products from coarse flour. These products stimulating work of a brain need to be used every day, replacing with them unhealthy components of a diet.
  8. Greens and sheet vegetables. Give to a brain necessary vitamins.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team