Proteinaceous diet for athletes

Not only women who want to get into a new dress, and and athletes use diets, they need a beautiful relief body without excess fat too. The proteinaceous diet for athletes – is ideal for this mission.

For a start let's find out why proteins. As you completely will remove fats and carbohydrates from the daily diet, the organism will spend the saved-up stocks in an organism, and proteins will positively influence your muscles. The high-protein diet for athletes in 2 months will help your muscles to get a beautiful relief. Only for this purpose it is necessary to follow some rules:

  1. You need to exclude from the daily food allowance fats completely. Thanks to it you will be able to spend the hypodermic stocks.
  2. As much as possible reduce amount of the consumed carbohydrates. If not to make it, then your organism will not be able to spend the saved-up fats and the diet will become senseless.
  3. Daily use the maximum quantity of proteins. For athletes there is such proportion that on 1 kg of your body it is daily necessary to eat 2.5 g of proteins.
  4. Play sports as during it most of all fat is spent.

The daily diet needs to be broken into 5 meals. The main condition - they have to be big to eat many proteins.

Satisfying these conditions, the bezuglevodny diet for athletes will bring for you desirable result. Besides proteins you need to eat minerals and vitamins which to contain in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Daily food and diet for athletes has to include the following products: egg white, chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese and fish.

Approximate menu

The breakfast can consist of oat or buckwheat cereal, apples and carrots or pears or low-calorie berries.

The lunch has to include favourite vegetables salad, chicken soup, buckwheat cereal, a glass of kefir and it is a little fruit.

The dinner has to consist of any proteinaceous, but the main thing of dietary products.

Such diet is ideal for athletes of men and thanks to it they achieve great results.

Finally we will consider some contraindications. If you have problems with kidneys, a stomach and intestines, then such diet is not suitable for you. Therefore before a diet see a doctor if he tells what with your health everything be all right, then you can begin a proteinaceous diet for athletes and not be afraid for the health.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team