Quartz lamp for the house - how to choose?

Quartz lamp for the house - how to choose?

Ultra-violet radiation can be applied to treatment of some illnesses, for example, such as eczema, psoriasis or catarrhal diseases. Therefore for use of this method special quartz lamps which many saw in procedural offices were created. Presently any person can buy similar devices, models which can quite be applied and independently, in house conditions were created. Not to be mistaken upon purchase of the device, let's talk how to choose a quartz lamp for the house.

How it is correct to choose a quartz lamp for the house?

Today it is possible to find two types of these devices in shops, some are intended for disinfection of the room, others are applied to impact on the person and his organism. Therefore before choosing a quartz lamp, decide on the purpose of this purchase, will depend on it what devices should be looked in shop.

The general recommendations, that is irrespective of device type, concerning the choice of similar devices say that before buying it it is necessary to study its technical characteristics, namely, power. On packing of the device, or in applied to it the instruction it is written what capacity this concrete lamp has and what it is intended for. As a rule, the inscription looks so – "Power – the X W, for the room At sq.m.", or "Power – the X W, for treatment of respiratory and skin diseases". This inscription should be read attentively, let us assume, if the person looks for a lamp for disinfection of the room, it is important to it to compare the sizes of the room designated on packing and the area of the room where he plans it to put. Remember that the quartz lamp can bring both benefit, and harm if to use more powerful device, than it is required or to use it not for designated purpose. Do not think that it is possible to buy the device for disinfection and to use it and for treatment too, it is strictly forbidden.

How to choose quartz lamps for disinfection of the room?

About the power and room space it was already told above therefore we will talk about other parameters of this type of devices. Experts consider that it is the safest to use those devices in which there is a shielding. Similar lamps can work indoors where there are people therefore they are most convenient.

Also pay attention to the size of the device, it is better if it does not exceed 60 cm, it is simpler to utilize such device in case of need. The small size of a lamp to find quite difficult in shops, but they are more convenient therefore it will be reasonable to spend time for search nevertheless.

How to choose quartz lamps for house use?

If the person wants to use a lamp for treatment of diseases, he has to be convinced that all necessary nozzles are applied to the device. For this purpose it is necessary to look at the instruction with the description of nozzles, their quantity and quality.

As a rule, such tubes are made of plastic which reliability should be estimated. Attentively examine nozzles, try to squeeze slightly them in a hand, they should not "be rumpled". After that study seams of tubes, they have to be equal and accurate, otherwise, the device hardly is reliable and safe.

It will not less important be convinced also that nozzles can be washed not only with water, but also disinfectants, quite so they are cleaned, so, not one person can use tubes. In the instruction it has to be always designated, than it is possible to process tubes and as it becomes therefore carefully study it before purchase of the device.


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