Races "Formula 1"

Races "Formula 1"

Formula 1 is, according to many, the queen of motorsport, personal skills of racers, abilities in urgent service servicing and also skill of automobile concerns on creation unique and over high-speed race cars are combined here. As you already had to guess, today we will argue about the races Formula 1: about history, rules, persons and places.


Formula 1 is the World Cup in ring races. The superiority passes annually, and stages of the race Formula 1 are called – the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix pass in various countries, usually on the weekend, from March to November. In the end of the year the winner – the pilot and team is defined. Pilots compete in personal rating for a world champion title, and teams – for a constructors championship.

After each race the pilots and teams which borrowed from the first in tenth place receive points: from 25 to 1. Calculation is conducted all year and, actually, defines the winner.

Race cars on which pilots act as it was already mentioned, are issued the team. Cars have to pass a crash-worthiness test and correspond to technical regulations of FIA.

FIA is the international federation of motorsport, the founder of Formula 1. Compliance of all racing cars is watched by stewards of FIA.


  1. Each team exposes on a race on one race car of own production, only the motor can be bought from the third-party producer.
  2. On each race the team exposes two racers on cars of identical color, but various numbers.
  3. During the Grand Prix, free arrivals, races and qualifications are carried out.
  4. Three racers the taken 1,2,3 places ascend to the podium. At first the anthem of the country of club according to whose license the pilot, then the anthem of the country of team of car maker acts sounds.


The idea of Formula 1 arose in the 20th years, during the European championship on an auto racing. Then time of wars came, but the idea remained. But the German racers appeared not at affairs as for defeat in World War II, they were not allowed prior to races for 10 years. Though Italians were also allies of Germans, their this infringement did not concern.

And the Italian also became the first winner of Formula 1 – it was Giuseppe Farina on Alfa Romeo. After it 5 times the Argentinean – Juan Manuel Fanjio won a title of the best racer, and there came the era of English-speaking racers from Britain, New Zealand and Australia further.


Formula 1 – it is unconditional, the most popular sport. Millions of fans the world dream of that the favourite rally came also to their country. However F1 comes only there where are under construction over modern autobahns. We will list where there take place the races Formula 1 this year:

  • 15-17.03. – Albert Park, Australia;
  • 22-24.03. – Sepang, Malaysia;
  • 12-14.04. – Shanghai, China;
  • 19-21.04. – Sahir, Bahrain;
  • 10-12.05. – Katalunya-Montmelo, Spain;
  • 23-26.05. – Monte Carlo, Monaco;
  • 07-09.06. – Montreal, Canada;
  • 28.-30.06. – Silverstone, Great Britain;
  • 05-07.07. – Nurnburgring, Germany;
  • 26.-28.07. – Hungaroring, Hungary;
  • 23.-25.08. – Spa-Frankorsham, Belgium;
  • 06.-08.09. – Monza, Italy;
  • 20.-22.09. – Marina Bey, Singapore;
  • 04.-06.10. – Yonam, Korea;
  • 11.-13.10. – Suzuka, Japan;
  • 25.-27.10. – New Delhi, India;
  • 01.-03.11. – Yas-Marina, Abu Dhabi;
  • 15.-17.11. – America, USA;
  • 22.-24.11. – Interlagos, Brazil.


Even those for whom the royal races Formula 1 are indifferent, know and honor a name of Michael Schumacher. This person became a living legend of Formula 1, being the most productive racer in all categories.

If we started talking about heroes, it is necessary to remember the racer who became a champion posthumously – it was Jochen Rindt. The racer broke during the Saturday race, however his advantage wearing spectacles made him the champion when he was already dead.

Rubens Barrichello is considered the most experienced racer. The racer held 325 Grand Prix for career.


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