Red root for men

Red root for men

This plant is used in traditional medicine long ago, it is considered relic as grows only in Altai. Tincture of a red root is produced for men as it very effectively helps to eliminate inflammation of a prostate. But it is not the only advantage of this tincture therefore let's understand that the grass a red root treats and why it is so popular.

Advantage and harm of a red root

Tincture of this plant can not only eliminate inflammatory process, but also promote the fastest treatment from such diseases as cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostate adenoma, dropsy, diarrhea and many others. The substances which are contained in this plant help to bring pathogenic bacteria out of an organism, promote increase in immunity. For these reasons the doctors often recommend to apply tincture, its action is capable to stop a disease quickly.

One more important fact for men will be the fact that application of a red root promotes increase in potency. If to judge by responses of guys, then after a course of such treatment not only the sexual desire, but also endurance increases that also promotes richer sex life. Therefore tincture is recommended as the all-strengthening means for those who care for the health including sexual.

Advise to accept this means and that, the cat suffers from diseases of respiratory organs. Bronchitis, pneumonias, tracheitises and other diseases will be cured much quicker if to take tincture as additional medicine.

Application of a red root

In order that tincture brought only benefit, it is necessary to consult, first, with the doctor, especially, if the man already takes any medicines. Remember that some means are forbidden to be used at the same time at treatment of a disease therefore surely ask the expert whether it is possible to use a red root.

Secondly, the norm of intake of tincture and also duration of a course of treatment are defined only by the doctor. In the majority a case, it is recommended to accept within 3 months 10 drops of means daily, but the dose and a usage time can vary depending on physiological specific features. Therefore it is better to address the expert for obtaining recommendations.

Tincture of a root can be made independently, for this purpose it will be required to mix 50 g of a dry grass and 450 ml of vodka, in a week during which it is necessary to infuse mix, means will be ready. One more way of reception of a red root, its this use as tea. For a zavarivaniye of drink 25 g of a dry grass undertake, are filled in with boiled water and infuse half an hour. This tea can be had at fever and a fever, only do not exceed the recommended dose which equals 100 ml.

By the way, it is also possible to find the tablets "Red Root" in drugstores, it is the dietary supplement produced from the plant of the same name. If you want to take this drug, it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to establish independently norm, one tablet contains about 372 mg of a plant that there is a lot of therefore how many capsules need to be drunk in day only the expert establishes.

The red root has contraindications, for example, it can cause allergic reaction and appearance of a headache, to provoke exacerbation of gastritis. Therefore it is forbidden to be accepted that who suffers from diseases of digestive tract, pathologies of a liver and craniocereberal injuries.

Consult with the expert, and intake of this dietary supplement will bring you only benefit.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team