Relevance - that it and how to increase relevance of pages in search delivery?

Relevance - that it and how to increase relevance of pages in search delivery?

When the person looks for something on the Internet, he expects that he among the websites offered by the searcher, will see the necessary information. Knowing the answer to a question, relevance - that it, each user of network can learn to understand an operation algorithm of search engines.

What does the relevance mean?

As the Internet reminds a big garbage can, not to do without the websites analyzing and structuring information. They separate the general data array from interesting to the specific user setting filtration conditions. When pressing the button of search there is a following:

  1. The search box addresses the peculiar list of terms similar to the alphabetic index. It is stored by the program called by the search engine – it also serves as a key factor of definition what is relevance of keywords.
  2. The list of the websites and documents which are stored on them is loaded into the program. It is updated several times in an hour therefore some websites can offer the search focused only on fresh data (for example, at Google for this purpose the News button is used).
  3. The search engine downloads the index of the page and gives them in a browser window as popularity and informational content. This process demonstrates that the relevant inquiry is the inquiry meeting expectations of the user.

What is relevance of search?

To the car issuing incorrect answers or dead links, the person will not want to come back – he will leave to more effective competitors. Therefore owners of searchers fight for improvement of quality of the fact that "the relevance of search" is called worldwide. It is criterion of degree of satisfaction with the materials and references shown in response to any given inquiry. An ideal by which it is worth being guided – full satisfaction of interests entering inquiry. In order that to achieve it, it is necessary to consider types of relevance:

  1. Formal. On this look the ranging (distribution in a numerical order) the websites on the page of the browser is based. The special algorithm compares a search image to the image found it on the websites of the corresponding subject. The main sign which should be considered at the answer to a question, formal relevance – that it is autonomy. All analyses and calculations are carried out by the robot without participation of the person.
  2. Substantial. It is calculated in the informal manual way, though via the search engine. Programmisty-asessory perform estimated work, being guided by the assumptions of compliance of the chosen document to inquiry. When substantial and formal relevance coincide, there is a pertinentnost – full satisfaction of the person with the found information.

What is relevance of pages of the website?

This indicator differs from previous radically. The human factor, but not abilities of the robotic program car is important for it. To learn what is relevance of the page, it is necessary to present itself the searcher. It provides the highest and looked most through positions to the websites on which all pages are optimized – correctly and are informatively issued by the administrator or the webmaster by the existing criteria. Treat them:

  • optimum volume of information;
  • high speed of unloading of the page in the browser;
  • the keywords on the page simplifying definition that represents relevance of the text;
  • the positive level of credibility exposed by the previous users;
  • minimum of virus information.

Principle of relevance

Bases of calculation of approximate positions have to be searching familiar to everyone who keeps own page or the website. The relevant inquiry is the keywords answering to the principle of combination of two types of factors:

  1. Internal factors of relevance. They define compliance of content of the website to inquiry. Such criteria as the description of the meta description page, heading h1 and subtitles of h2 and h3 are important for them.
  2. External factors. Are used for assessment of external behavioural factors, quoting and authoritativeness of the website against the background of competitors.

What does search in relevance mean?

Search deliveries – not the only way of check of compliance of the website to inquiries of the potential visitor. Relevant search is not just a conclusion of all coincidence, and selection of those from them which can really be considered qualitative. Programmers advise such algorithm of carrying out search in the ranged results:

  1. Gaining access or creation of the thematic database. This option can be considered only as correct for informational content assessment.
  2. Search in the database can be carried out on keys thanks to the field field.
  3. The inquiry of search with the interesting phrases is entered into it then the enter command is executed.

What is sorting according to relevance?

Search engines not chaotically process information from the indexed websites, and sortings use a certain method. For achievement of good results assessment of relevance considers such parameters:

  • the provision of keywords in the document and its zones;
  • "contrast" of other words and their frequency;
  • distance between keys;
  • quantity of the found words.

What affects relevance of pages?

The place of the website in search delivery entirely depends on content added on the website. Besides optimization with use of keywords it should be taken into account contents of the text of articles, accompanying materials to video and a photo. The relevance of the page increases if they are written taking into account:

  • nausea (repeatability) of words;
  • relevance of a subject in the chosen Internet sphere;
  • drawing up "clickable" heading.

How to check relevance of the page?

The delivery indicator in search article cannot be considered as stable: it constantly changes depending on a set of factors. Check of relevance of pages is senseless in terms of drawing up overall rating of all pages of one website. Nevertheless, it can be calculated on set of adjacent factors:

  • the analysis (on the database of search result);
  • use of online services of assessment of the text;
  • check of attendance of the website.

How to increase relevance of the page?

Receiving the top lines in search deliveries – a cherished dream of any owner of the website. Attendance of the website on which the price tag on advertizing and the publication of the promo-materials bringing earnings is based depends on them. The relevant page positively influences search ranging of other pages. The SEO optimizer is engaged in adequacy of the placed materials to requirements of search. Steadily good results will bring it such methods:

  1. Right choice of heading of the page. If it included direct occurrence of a key phrase, on the website only the target audience will get.
  2. Uniqueness. Theft of someone else's texts leads to blocking of the website the search engine or to decrease in its overall rating.
  3. Allocation of key phrases. Tags will help to focus attention of the robots who are responsible for collection of information.
  4. Density of keys. To understand, what is it relevance, it is necessary to connect this concept to informational content. The text oversaturated by SEO phrases difficult is read therefore its positions searching will never be high.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team