Revolution as change form

Revolution as change form

The social form of motion of matter is characterized by constant transitions in the course of which quantitative changes turn into high-quality shifts. Such changes in society can be evolutionary, smooth and gradual. But lives and jumps, gradualness breaks which have character of revolutions are possible in public.


1. Revolutionary changes in society arise not from scratch. They are prepared by the gradual course of socio-historical process. As a result of evolutionary transformations the new quality collects that causes from time to time sharp and rapid changes which in fact are revolutionary changes.

2. Evolution and revolution – relative categories. The same processes can have evolutionary and revolutionary character if to consider them in the different relations. But if at evolution the quantitative change does not lead to high-quality shift, then at the time of revolutions there is something absolutely new, being absent in former society.

3. Between evolution and revolution there is a dialectic communication. New it is never impossible from nothing, it becomes result of development old that is reached by removal of public contradictions. At the same time the revolution essence in the public relations can be imagined in the form of the fast transition to a new state which is followed by quite often painful withdrawal pains of habitual public foundations.

4. Revolutions begin with gradual accumulation of changes. When changes reach such level that appear incapable to keep in former quality, in society there is a similarity of explosion. Revolutionary changes almost always have rough character and are followed by active reorganization of the main social and economic institutes. These withdrawal pains quite often occur painfully and cause negative reaction in society.

5. Revolutions in society can be divided into social and scientific and technical. Radical turns in life of a civilization happen in the form of social revolutions. At the same time former and outdated forms of government consign to the past, they are succeeded by new. Scientific and technical revolutions to a lesser extent affect social and state system. But they mark breakthrough in the field of development of science, the equipment and production.

6. Revolution as a change form – not the accidental, but natural phenomenon. The complex of the contradictions characteristic of antagonistic socio-historical formations is the cornerstone of revolutionary change. And still in most cases revolution becomes serious test and a large-scale shake-up for society, it is often perceived as accident and is followed by contradictory estimates from polar public forces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team